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The sense that equality has been achieved has led some institutions, colleges and universities , to remove their Affirmative Action programs, even though true equality does not exist for all ethnic groups or all U. At Sleepy Lagoon, he proposes to marry her after he returns from his Naval duty. After tremendous public pressure, the last U. After the mass arrests, he endures attacks by the Anglo sailors, who strip him of his zoot suit. The first path, Henry dies as a criminal; he goes back to jail and dies from the stresses of his crimes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They were also denied the right to speak with their lawyers. She intends to get the court decision overturned, although Henry has given up hope.

Copyrights Zoot Suit from Gale. Although Della does not write to Henry while he is in prison, she herself serves a jail term for her involvement in the gang fight and would have had time to write. View the Lesson Plans. Home Arts Educational magazines Zoot Suit. Manpower needs were acute. He does so by offering to let Henry off in time to report for Navy service.

From this point on, the harsh treatment of the prisoners is shown to emanate from ethnic hatred and distrust. The mythic quality of El Pachuco in Zoot Suit is signaled by his ability to stop and start the action with a snap of his fingers; it is confirmed when he rises, Christlike, wearing the Christian cross but also dressed in an Aztec loincloth, in Act II, scene vii.

El Pachuco was not the first mythical character Valdez used: The party members react violently when they perceive a fresh attack. An audience of season ticket holders and local Mexican-Americans gave standing ovations each evening of the performances at the Mark Taper Forum. The victim is presumably Jose Williams, who will die from the attack.


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Taking It to the Streets: But the committee was able to enlist the support of a number of Hollywood figures— Orson WellesJoseph Cotten, Anthony Quinn —and some middle-class elements in both sult Mexican-American and the larger community.

Zoot Suit by Luis Valdez”. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Aoot national tour proved more successful, especially in urban areas with Mexican-American communities. Most people uphold their legal and moral obligation to treat all Americans equally. At his prompting, the other characters recite alternative futures for Henry.

Murder at the Sleepy Lagoon: Finally being released from jail, Henry and his friends return to their families. After receiving unequal and unfair treatment from the court system, Henry and his friends are unjustly sentenced to prison.

Plpt summaries and resources for teaching or studying Zoot Suit. I focused more on Henry and this business with Alice was put into its proper perspective. Daniel Valdez and Lalo Guerrero. The result is musical docudrama of epic proportions.

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In the s, fear of foreigners extended to numerous cultural groups; Los Angeles had many ethnic neighborhoods, and the presence of military bases full of personnel readying themselves for war made Los Angeles a hot spot for culture clashes and violence. Police brutality sujt another alarming civil rights issue. Email required Address never made public.

Alice has raised this man from incarceration only to put him back into the same vicious cycle of ethnic oppression ziot injustice.

Zoot Suit – Act 1, Part 1 Summary & Analysis

A rival gang who go to the dance, start fights, and later join Rafas in terrorizing the party at the Williams Ranch. Explores the ysnopsis types of Chicano drama from traditional corridas and festivals to revolutionary theater.


After tremendous public pressure, the last U. Journal for the Study of Radicalism.

Valdez, Luis, and Stan Steiner. Yet, somehow a fight broke out between the party goers and the 38th street gang. Zoot Suit was well received in its initial production in Los Angeles. The newsboy hawks the papers whose headlines move the zolt along. Rudy dates her after Henry is imprisoned. Act 1, Part 2. Walsh, the costumes are by Peter J.

Dressed only in a loincloth, he adopts a regal majesty as he exits, walking backward, from the stage. Zoot Suit from Gale. The two-week run managed to sell out prior to opening night, despite minimal advertisement, primarily in Latino publications.

He checks his appearance, making sure he’s perfect in every detail as he models his clothes. Home Arts Educational magazines Zoot Suit. Again, it was the xoot trying to decide what it was going to say after all.

The lights change to create a reflection like a lagoon on the floor. This, in brief, is the factual background which Valdez has tapped for his fine play. Retrieved November 10, Also in the audience were members of the family of Henry Leyvas, on whom Henry Reyna was based.