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He getting inspiration and material. They both could do a whole hell of a lot worse. You didn’t see it yet? When does it air. I’m happy she found Rob’s paynus though. That pseudo ass she got

That one got me too. Ghost didn’t even tell anybody he was out the game besides his priest And when it came out they have no family history of diabetes. There’s only so much I can take. I don’t like how they doing the Tasha role and I missed me some Shaun last night. Totally missed this on purpose. I’m over that shit too!

That’s why Angela was made out to be an old high school flame instead of someone new that he cheated on his wife with. Firing that dude is going to come back to bite him.

I thought it was a good episode, didn’t expect Ghost to be back so quick. I was busy last week. If it made for ratings and got folks stop talking about how they ran Lamar into a crack binged orgEE and doing drive-bys with the grim reaper.

Want your husband to keep being a drug dealer when he has a legit way out. She saved my life.

Zoe Ever After Episode 3 – DDotOmen

Yes, chyna aka bride of chucky your cement booty is ddotojen. She’s hood to the core, that’s who Ghost married. It’s only unfair to the child when the parent then resents and ignores said child, which happens even when people don’t have a baby eve “give them purpose”. That lil boy hurt her bad, and her revenge is to have a baby with the brother of his young asss gf Follow two best friends as they navigate their way around the mean streets of Casablanca.


That damn brief case, almost gave me a heart attack. Even spisode Tommy and Ghost were beefing. She sure is comfortable not wearing her seatbelt. Chyna could have any guy she wanted, I’m sure, but she pick this one? So he can executive produce a reality show but can’t give me another Easy Rawlins film?!

Man, this can’t be life! I was pleasantly surprised at Atlanta. So what’s the prollem?

I say quiet riot. You could better use your time by pulling out your toenails one-by-one. She killed two birds with one stone got the ultimate revenge on her ex Tyga and found the easiest mark on the planet.

In Case You Missed It: Rob & Chyna, Episode 2

Still cant stand Holly. I don’t like how they doing the Tasha role and I missed me some Shaun last night.

Usually there’s only a couple of really good songs on an album, so I’d rather download individual tracks from itunes. OJ,i say this with all the sureness in the knowledge that freaks come out at night And do people really watch this mess?


Episose birthday is this coming Sunday. Yea he’s definitely an asshole. I think he is there to “beef up” the script. I didn’t know that was last night. They will find them all not guilty Please so we can discuss. Aw I missed it and will continue lol. Now you got a ton of white dealers so we dont hear anything.

Which one is pregnant?

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As old as I am, I can’t get over the ‘nasty girl’ stigma. You didn’t see it yet? There can only be ONE winner. That’s for people who can tolerate and don’t have a gag reflex. They’re still friends, y’all. Omari is the man of my dreams.