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Hi Afreen, completely agree with each n every word of yours…reading ur comments I felt as if I have written this piece…. Heck they spent most of their time apart for the entire show and frankly it wears on the patience of the audience because all want to see the hero and heroine together. Multitalented, limited body of work but all of it is super-hit.. Can we recommend some good ones for you? Please people do watch this one n not only for Fawad, it will make you laugh so hard provided you understand Punjabi too as it has been used a lot in this one that you might have tears rolling down your cheeks like anything. We are all entitled to our own opinion and must agree to disagree with others and move on.

As to your observation that he is not coming to India for earning… well, he himself said he wants new roles, exposure and an enlarged audience. Welcome to the group Lata, ……do watch Dastaan for the Sanam Baloch and Fawad Khan chemistry and performances par excellence while keeping aside the politics……. The four main characters of the show are bound by problems and their relationships that act as a shackle for them to survive in a rough world. I agree that the Asmara Affair situation could have been better handled by both of them, and the Zaroon should have apologised, still it was because he was understanding that Kashaf could admit to the feeling she had for him. Starting off on a great note it failed to maintain its pace. I am in tears with the final episode. No issues with getting extra info! They were crazy abt fawad post zgh, now mahira too is very popular here.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! That one was a big disappointment to me. Pls bear that in mind while commenting here. This play took forever to make, so I thought this is going to be great, zindagk next Humsafar, Atleast that is what we were lead to believe with all the hype surrounding it. Hi, i am from india and this is my first pakistani tv show that i have seen.


Why I feel it may not be shown on an Indian channel is bcoz it may flare up negative emotions in some people who may not look at it d way some of us did. Kahi Unkahi This drama makes a zindag comment about the class difference in Pakistani society. She was not too sweet not too bitter but a real normal human being with her own qualities and faults, with her own highs and lows. Anyone see any vids of him from his US trip? Notify me of new posts via zondagi.

The mother hashan martyr theme yet again. So thanks to HUM and all involved for tackling this huge issue! Television has a mass reach today, far more than even films. Beychara Zaroon ,Kashaf sey da rgaya …. She completely behaves the way she should in each and every situation. I know Maat had tons of followers and got the ratings, but yeah I did episodr get that one as well. Kashaf finally gives in only after marrying Zaroon.

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And as they tashzn Rest is history! It got over before it began. A lot of hard work from the actors totally gone to waste, all thanks to the poor and unrealistic script, and the director for not doing a better job with the narrative.

You played the character to perfection and I think that is the main reason why many people in Pakistan can relate to it, although I had some issues with the character itself but that is besides the point. After the hot n heavy reunion, which was filled with a lot of empty sweet-talk and banter, we had another long scene of basically nothingness.

Circumstances lead the older son of the family to marry by his own choice, while the younger son zindagl as per his parents’ wish. Sara Naveen Waqar had always imagined her life with Ashar but when that fails to happen, she makes it her top priority to separate the loving couple.


Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 26 Finale Review

peisode Please people do watch this one n not only for Fawad, it will make you laugh so hard provided you understand Punjabi too as it has been used a lot in this one that you might have tears rolling down your cheeks like anything. They were both so nervous and yet so comfortable with each other.

Those scenes will be watched over and over again. Fabulous episobe nyc rewiew SZ! Kiya yaar, kiya ulta zamana hai — talk about the kettle calling the pot black!

I agree with S. Script did not make any sense in the last few episodes… umera ahmed and sultana dewi lost the grip in the end…. More than any other review, I agree with this last one. Women have loved mahiras Khirad. So they know they need to keep us happy. It might be difficult for me to email huge files! Not much to add to what you said but just going to agree with you: Also unimpressive were Mr Murtaza rashan his second wife Nigar.

Thank you Hina tashab always coming here to reply to the reviews. Skeptical but not grumpy. You only get better by fixing yourself and we take away a lot from these blogs.

For me fawad n Sanam had very little chemistry.