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LOL…so sweet was that…. Absolutely loved the tap. Through your acting you truly brought Kashaf to life and made me root for her, cry with her, smile with her, and most of all empathize with her! Whether you loved or hated my reviews — thank you all for reading!! If clothes were enough to protect a woman , there would be no sexual harassment in Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

Why did they then spend so much time on this in the beginning? Yaar, your comments always crack me up! Hi Lata, thank u 4 responding. There are so many books, shows, songs etc. Agr un demands k sath kaam dena chahtay hain tau den, warna na den.. If the violence is done and then punished in a real and honest way, then, sure, show it on TV.

I am surely not one of the those who liked or may be who loved ZGH. In India, they will never tell us.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 26 Finale Review

Right now every young actor is projected as high on energy, Ranveer is phenomenally energetic, Arjun is spontaneous and creative, Shahid is active and fun. Eh well it is what it is.

Kashaf ab tu shukar kerlo khuda ka. Women have loved mahiras Khirad.

Zindagi gulzar hai Episode 12 Hum Tv Drama HD – Dailymotion Video

If clothes were enough to protect a womanthere would be no sexual harassment in Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia. It is talked about always.

So how come Zaroon is cold and needs a sweater when no one else needs one. Obviously it is going to hurt his fans… I m actually happy to know k FK is demanding and showing some attitude hau india. Recently he said he rejected the lead role in recently released sci-fi thriller Operation21, which is done by Shaan. And why was he berating Zaroon for not telling him anything?


Omg thank you Heela for pointing out leechar to me…. But i m afraid they r only a gulzaar. Was seen to be sitting quietly in a corner with his son and a couple of close friends. No one over-criticizes a drama for no reason… just saying. The serial is a memorable one for the character of Kashafher perseverance to make something out of her life for her familyshe had flaws in her personality, she was rude, obnoxious, paranoid at times but she had a soft heart inside the Iron Lady!

Anyway I will move on.

I am really sorry but Humsafar was much more filmy and unreal to me while ZGH dealt with real scenarios guzlar real people and real life. In fact, the romance between Zaroon and Kashaf is the most sensible, most clean, zndagi appropriate romance I have ever come across in any drama…hats off to Fawad and Sanam…and yes, I have watched HS as well!!

Lesson from the writer of the century. I loved her in the scene where she is giving head oil maalish to Fawad in the courtyard……the love with which she was doing it ….

Fawad Khan is fantastic and he proved it yet again with this serial. Chalo ab dont be a stranger and I look forward to hearing from you on the Talkhiyan thread. And THAT is really gulzaf disturbing.

And after today we all can agree she has sizzling chemistry with fawad. Ok the promos for next week look better so I am hopeful but really what a time waste.

The chemistry between them is outstanding! For a relative newbie to PK tv this tasham much appreciated. I feel that Khirad of Humsafar as a character was more stereotypical and too soft and sweet while Kashaf was more like a real breathing living woman with her own faults and flaws.

Zindagi gulzar hai Episode 16 Hum Tv Drama HD – Dailymotion Video

He was at least better than Sheheryaar Munawer is at the moment. See, the thing is I only got reacquainted with PK dramas about 2 months ago.


They just want collaborations on equal basis, and i agree with them. You played the character to perfection and I think that is the main reason why many people in Pakistan epjsode relate to it, although I had some issues with the character itself but that is besides the point. Seriously he does nothing!!

Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 19 By HUM TV

I empathize with Rafia, but all the repeated dialogues are making it hard to stay focused. Isnt it odd how Zaroon never noticed how annoyed Osama was at the mention of his engagement?

Thanks SZ and friends…will try to watch Humsafar when time permits…else will catch it on Zindagi…looking forward to Behadd the telefilm starring Fawad. Thanks a lot once again. Though it is not that bad infact it is loved and acknowledged by thousands. Jul 19, at LOL Afia that Mahira comment was funny indeed….

I am not at all comparing with novel because script was totally different from novel and it was nice too except some really out of box and according tadhan me senseless tracks, which were not needed at all.

That said, like everybody else I too would highly recommend that you watch Humsafar and Dastaan, among other FK starrers. Agree ZGH has been a mixed bag and stayed that way till end. Hopefully they are done with the character formation and give us some more story.

Looking forward to watching Mahira Khan.