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Still, more parallels between Mahiro and Laertes when the former quotes the latter near the end of the episode: More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Your scores make more sense. Yoshino has brains, however, so he used a talisman to do what he did. I tried using alightmotion again.. What is a good Anime to watch? While in the spoiler the black iron plague affected me more.

Is this a flaw in the subtitles or just the anime being needlessly vague? This was made entirely on CC, which is why it looks sorta choppy and the audio is odd. Je vous le conseille! While the second half did tone it down a fair bit it still managed to produce some amazing moments. I dont aprove this. Yoshino was arrogant enough to take on five guys and he lost. Aika was shown really nicely with face closeups and as such nice blushing.

But I assure you, I just pointed out some things that in my opinion are some big flaws, with emphasis on “my opinion”. How about to check my list first? I have no life, just watch anime all the time.

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Well big problem I see coming up. It ruined anijecrazy day. Changing the way the fights were done fpisode ok, but they didn’t represent Yoshino’s true character very well like they did in the manga, i mean her inner thoughts touched upon it but it was still much better represented xetsuen the manga. Here’s Hakaze Kusaribe from Blast of Tempest. He seemed a bit possessive of her and not completely stable even prior to her death; perhaps he figured xetsuen she had a boyfriend and killed her in a rage, then re-arranged her afterward?

The first part in the spoiler. Danganronpa The Animation http: Is that really a valid reason? The Object of Desire, and Episode Anyway, some cool action and plot progression, I’m guessing Mahiro never figured out his friend was seeing his sister lol. If it has 2cours, then it will be worth expecting for. What got interesting over this section are the talismans in the spoiler whom have very nice magical properties but it looks like that dagger is the strongest one among them.


Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 2 Discussion

Zetsuen no Tempest zetsuennotempest funny yoshinotakigawa mahirofuwa mahiro fuwa yoshino takigawa aikafuwa aika hakazekusaribe hakaze kusaribe stupid idiot crazy moments princess blastoftempest treeofexodus manga mangaboy mangagirl mangalove mangaaddicticious anime animated animeboy animation animegirl. Nobody said they were mystified by the story, and nobody requested your plot summaries.

Even if she is the most powerful she isn’t absolute. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. Plus, it’s not like her fight was with Yoshino in the first place, it was with Mahiro.

She surely knows where she is, since she knows everything.

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Love the plot development. Lol I don’t know the mc’s name but can rember Mahiro. The world without the Tree of Genesis becomes a much simpler one, though certainly not easier for the princess.

Attack on Titan Elfin lied. SvenTheNorwegianGuy Jan 8, I friggin love that opening! My favorite line from her was “Lonely grown women have alot of Toys” lol I see what she did there.

Heck one more episode and magic itself will be explained, half of the complaints may go away with just that. His friend not using his talismans to sprint away from the assassin lady but rather chooses to trap himself in school running to the rooftop. As if, do you see me in anyway saying this show is a masterpiece or even a favorite of mine?

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 2 D I guess I’ll eipsode the next episode too. Reservoir Chronicle Escaflowne Shugo Chara! SvenTheNorwegianGuy Oct 4, 7: Never have seen it so epislde can’t relate to it, frankly though i have been told its overrated but thats besides the point You are completely dodging the point, i made mine so its your turn to respond to it, on how you are impatient concerning developments or are actually going to breakdown why the execution is done poorly.


All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. This one is unexpectedly good, although as not good as Psycho pass with deep psychology stuff involvedbut it is still a decent action show this season. Because you have watched anime? Not my favorite anime but still nice to watch.

If not, continue to have fun. Yoshino x Mahiro – Zetsuen no Tempest Tag zetsueen friend Skip to content Again, Yoshino quotes Hamlet: In this case, Mahiro would te,pest resemble Hamlet than Laertes.

Hm, is there any reason to believe the adaptation might not want Yoshino to come across as scary or crazy? I hope it improves in those departments, both characters and dialog, because the premise has the potential to develop into a pretty good story.

Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Follow animeanjay for more anime fan art Download anime fan art full resolution www. And of course the execution ain’t that great. Plot twist at some parts lol. This Site Might Help You. I’ve said it before, but this opening is such wnimecrazy HUGE improvement from the first one.

I think you should watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes. That hits harder than random people.

Zetsuen no Tempest Ep. 2: Let’s quote Hamlet some more

And I like zetauen when an anime gives me a reason to think. Yes, I am going to wear her refugee “costume” but only for photoshooting, so you’ll never see me at a convention in her refugee version. I recommend people to follow me because that’d be nice hakazekusaribe anime manga japan blastoftemptest yoshiro mahirofuwa aikafuwa kusaribe samonkusaribe spamforspam spam shoutout instagram.