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It also helps that, when they do choose to deliberately call back to actual Gundam, it’s done with half it’s tongue in it’s cheek, and still doing it in a fashion which seems meaningful and injokey to those who’ve been around the franchise for a while, whilst not being exclusionary to those who haven’t, or have it feeling like merely a token gesture. Hijinks ensure, season 2 will be out sometime this month. I’m really looking for something that’s full fantasy. Golden Age Arc III – Descent – The weakest in the trio of Berserk films, it still handles it’s climax beautifully and gets most of the important elements right. A cel from Namakura Gatana , the earliest surviving Japanese animated short made for cinemas, produced in When Misaki cracks open one of these books and reads sentences like “Misaki licks every inch of Usami’s hot body” Now you see the main problem. Spoilers can sometimes prove difficult to interpret.

During breakfast, Sunao looks down at what he is eating, a bun with potato and mayonnaise filling, Sunao takes Potemayo to school with him and she is an instant hit with his classmates, especially the girls. Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches. Where the main character develops and gets significantly stronger as the anime goes on. Canis lupus Banned Jan 1, Last airbender – At first I wasent sure, but it got awesome, its got a great story. Cowboy Bebop is about the lives of the crew of the Bebop, mostly bounty hunters by profession. And it has a nice story too.

Which anime have excellent rewatch value ? : anime

World Conquest Zvezda Plot. Kind of like The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, but with serious explaining in the dialog and plot.

My suv recommendation will always be Katanagatari, but to be honest it isn’t as actiony as you probably want. D It’s hollyday here, and my plan is to spend 2 weeks watching anime!

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During the time in which the series takes place Canaan is in Shanghai and meets up with her friend Maria Osawa, a Japanese photographer who episoed there to cover an anti-terrorist conference. It’s definitely this year’s roller coaster of an anime. Thousands of players buy game and equipment.


Ahiru is determined to protect Mute also spelt Mythosa prince who came to life from one of Drosselmeyer’s stories, after seeing him dance in the pond she swum in as a duck.

New novels and another manga were serialized inthe first anime, Psycho-Pass, was received generally positive in both Japan and the west with critics praising the characters roles and interactions set in the dystopia.

He continually drew her. Through out the story these boys learn what really goes inside these robots heads and explore the taboo society has put on befriending them. The plot is centered around the world in the future, where there was some form of war and there were multiple districts that had to be created, one of which called No.

It just happens that it manages to crash at the final destination for the Yamato. Well that is ALSO what this thread is for.

But in some areas, it did have some severe pacing issues, which is what kicked it back this far on the list. From top left to bottom right: Going in, I expected something goofy and almost unwatchable and was surprised with one of the most thoughtful and heartfelt series to come along in a while.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Led by Yuri, a fiery girl who started the group, the Afterlife Battlefront’s one enemy is Angel, the student-body president who has supernatural powers and wishes for the students to move on. Things like the gags about how they give their push bike a silly dare I say Chuu2-ish name, or Ashiya turning up late for a scrap because he insistent on going home first for his cape.


Often episodes need to be rewatched in order to fully absorb everything.

You don’t know twmpest much I tried to like it. I’m usually not rewatching anime and only series I rewatched more than once are Higurashi and Yuki Yuna. I recommend Casshern Sins. Steins gate, gintama, fairy tail, naruto, one piece, full metal alchemist, samurai champloo, angel beats, clannad, sora no otoshimono. They focused too much on the harem part of it.

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Created as an intended reboot of Casshern franchise. I mean if you read the manga. Kill la Kill; Perhaps a case eppisode ‘style over substance’, but then again Kill la Kill is never try to aim for something more serious.

One of the more understated but great shows of the year. Madoka Magica has a longer Japanese name, suh I forgot it. Broadcast companies and talent agencies often have their own troupes of vocal actors, magazines focusing specifically on voice acting are published in Japan, with Voice Animage being the longest running.

Retrieved May 5, Dead Man Wonderland – Dark, Slightly freaky, good story, entire series is depressing but amazing. I’ll just ship the main character with the female option really hard. And that, simply a joy to watch. It’s about twelve episodes long more chapters in the manga if I don’t remember wrong, and it is gory enough to get the anime censored.

Then enters our amnesiatic male protagonist who takes on the identity of Alice by himself, for it is the only name he remembered.