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If you can dodge Medusa Head’s merciless attacks, you’ll defeat the snake-haired savage once and for all. Before you get in, you’ll be met by Twinrova. Try to attack it with your sword before it dissapears. Even you shall be destroyed–by Onox! Help us with its coverage! I think you will find him there. Song of the Hero First, he has to turn into an enormous, nasty dragon.

The Mighty Collection 4. Continue up another screen to face an array of Red Darknuts, as well as Floormasters that will try and grab Link. If you are killed during your fight with Onox, before saving turn off your GameBoy and continue from the castle steps. Her claw can be severed with multiple sword strikes, leaving her eye exposed. As for the red orbs, just move out of their repeating path to avoid contact. On the fire battlefield, Twinrova will unleash swarms of Fire Keese and shoot fireballs at you. They can be defeated with one sword strike. From my experience, the rarest of items are often times other Magical Rings and not the Piece of Heart.

Meanwhile, he’ll be trying to smash you to dust with his huge morning star.

General Onox

Sit back and admire it. Cave of Flames 3.

Fortress of Winds 4. Digdogger is completely impervious to every weapon you have, and he is very evasive. After this, Din will join Onox as a sort of shield. To the east and west of the first castle room are chambers full of flying tiles. Was this guide helpful?

After enough damage, the dark dragon will fall and Din will be saved. The Sand Realm He will jump around, and give you a wallop each time he lands on you.

You can deflect either with your sword. He’ll try to squish you with his heavy hand, swat you with a sweeping hand attack that covers most of the floor and can’t be jumped overand spit fire at you.

Using the Rod of Seasons, knock her out of the way and continue slashing away at Onox. His armor also blocks normal attacks with the Sword, so Link must use Spin Attacks to get through. The crystal which encases Din zeldq separate into four sections oc disappear, just before a huge spiked ball will come crashing towards Link. From the first room of the castle, head up one screen and defeat all the Wizzrobes that spawn.


Use Pegasus Seeds to move quickly around the baddie.

Medusa Head is a very formidable boss, because it has several powerful attacks. Her claw can be severed with multiple sword strikes, leaving her eye exposed. She will alter the battlefield from fire to ice as she demonstrates her powers.

June 10, at 5: Inside The Deku Tree 2. Jump over the blue flames to avoid them. The skeleton will stomp the ground, stunning you if you’re not using the Roc’s Cape, and then charge at you. Partway into the battle, Onox will summon Din still trapped in a crystal as his shield.

Lanayru Mining Facility 8. The more enemies that Link defeats, the more rare the item that is within the Gasha Nut. In any case, just keep planting and trying to find one. The sweeping hand attack can be blocked by equiping your Iron Shield just make sure you’re facing the right direction.

Oracle of Seasons Walkthrough – Onox’s Castle – Zelda Dungeon

This will save you time and a lot of trips to see Maple. Vah Medoh Dungeon Head for a corner in the room, and wait for the sisters to fly by and seasosn.

The Lizard Level 6: Again, use the Slingshot to freeze them, then move in and slay them with the Sword. You’ll have to do this seven times in order to beat the first part of this stage. You can easily run away oracls both attacks, but Dodongo is vulnerable when he opens his mouth.

Oracle of Seasons Himekawa This section of the page is incomplete. After deeming Link a Hero, Din will briefly inform him of another quest that will call him to another land very soon. Four spin attacks will end the second phase of the first stage.


General Onox – Zelda Wiki

Temple of Time Stone Tower Temple Try to get on solid ground, and fire your Magical Boomerang at the flowers when orace open their mouths to damage and destroy them. If you falls through the gap in the floor, Mothula will fully recover his energy and the battle will restart.

It’s not sexy, but it’s got teeth. Ganon will frequently onxo around the room, unleashing a melee ohox attacks:. As each flower is destroyed, Manhandla will get progressively faster, making it harder to land a hit.

She will attack with her claw, and attempt to grab you and smash you into the floor. With the seasons in chaos, the land is robbed of the very essence of nature, draining all of might!

You could try and catch the Fairies with the Magical Boomerang and not go all the way past the doorway to avoid this. Ocean King Part VI. With the power of the Maku Seed and the eight Essences of Nature, Link can now break through the dark magic that had prevented him from entering this area before. The essences possess the sacred power of nature, with which you can break the seaosns barrier and save Din. City in the Sky When her eye is open, use the Slingshot and fire Scent Seeds into it.

But ot just a prelude to the awful nastiness of Onox. Once you get health, return to the first room and go north.