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On Sweety’s request, Indrajeet agrees to meet Nakita. Boylan asserts his moral right to be recognised as author of all articles bar guest blogs. This occurs with a delivery guy flirting with Sweety when looking for plot 13 it is a scene repeated in Neighbours and the delivery guy is found dead the next day. The notable episodes were Saaya, known for Vikranta Jabbar played by Surendra Pal , One of the episodes called “Raat” featuring Javed Khan is till date remembered for its performances. DrollMotion is based on super fast script which can handle a number of downloads simultaneously. It also supports new formats which recently Dailymotion rolled out. Vishal is the primary protagonist Essentially both this and Neighbours are almost exact lifts of the classic US flick Fright Night.

Police also grill Sandeep Rai in connection with Sakshi’s murder; however, lack of evidence lets Sandeep get away scot free. Vishal is jealous but cannot blame the guy, the problem is her and her mini skirt that is not actually mini at all. What Other’s looking for? Zee Horror Show was a very popular program in the 90s. In , they turned their interest towards Indian Television. But Nakita’s aides thrash him so badly that he loses his consciousness.

Braganza when she doubles the price of her guesthouse. Another episode called taveez which is similar to Showw novel The Monkey’s Paw Later in serial name changed to anhonee till Now the show telecasting in thriller active channel which is available only on dish TV Some of the episodes that gained popularity were: Blind Alley — review.

Shos asserts his moral right to be recognised as author of all articles bar guest blogs. The police inspector Vijay Arora interrogates Nakita, but does not find anything suspicious about her.

Raja wakes up past midnight and begins to search for something in the guesthouse. But his happiness soon fades away when Rubina feels his house is haunted when some bizarre events take place.


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But at that very moment, Hariya Amrut PatelAvinash’s servant, arrives. Retrieved from ” https: There is a major lore change however.

He is tried and the court sentences him to life imprisonment. Contact Me You can contact me at: The imdb page is here. Meanwhile, the post mortem report reveals that Sakshi has not committed suicide, but she has been murdered, which makes the police start their investigation afresh.

Inthey turned their interest towards Indian Television.

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It was a poor print and low resolution so apologies for the quality of the screenshots. On the contrary, he loses his cool with Vishal when he tells him that she is dehsht vampire.

Braganza takes him to Tony’s room and explains dehsaht him how he died. Leena finds the atmosphere abnormal, but since Raja is with her, she does not mind.

However, where the servant was not a vampire in Fright Night, the vampire in Fright Night Part 2 did have vampiric servants and the kidnap of the male protagonist has more to do with the gender of the vampire — Charley in Fright Night part 2 was taken and needed saving.

In order to carry out their investigations, police inspector Anang Desai searches the entire guest house, including the room on the top floor. Sakshi tells Rachna that her life is ruined by Sandeep Rai Anuraaga business tycoon who has kept Sakshi as his keep. Salim Country of origin Deshhat No. Yet another episode, “Jeevan Mrityu”, based on dowry system featuring Pallavi Joshi gained so much popularity that it fehshat re-telecast on popular public demand.



Zee Horror Show Achanak (Part 5)

Later, Rachna is shocked when she finds Sakshi’s spirit in her house who leads her to the morgue, where her body is kept. I had a search for it and found the episode, cut into 6 parts, on Daily Motion — with English subtitles. DahshatPart 3Nakita again kills an innocent man in a similar fashion.

Dehshst cannot stop herself from thinking about her, especially her first encounter with Sakshi. Why did it not work? Views Read Edit View history. Vishal is so fascinated with horror stories that he has made Indrajeet Nath Sujit Kumara writer famous for writing horror stories, his idol. Julie hypnotises Rubina and takes her to the same cabinet where Monty had imprisoned her.

Who was Count Dracula?

One other episode called “Chehre pe Chehra” again featuring Javed Khan was so popular that it was telecasted many times over on Zee Cafe. This had the advantage that Sow was much more useful as a protagonist than his gender-swapped counterpart in Neighbours. What Other’s looking for? Later that night Vishal spots a car arriving at neighbouring plot 13, a disused house — a coffin is carried inside. She is surprised when Mrs.

Fear Files India’s Best Dramebaaz.

And later, to the buyer’s surprise, she tells him that she has recognised him as the killer of her son. It seems likely that there was some degree of lifting from the US sequel as hhorror as the original.