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A wise and clever woman would always examine the suggestions and sayings of her mother before implementing them in her family life. The following are some illustrative cases of such women:. Some disbelievers entertained inappropriate expectations and said that such and such person was a man of substance and he was expected to receive revelation from God but the point is that material possessions may not necessitate spiritual superiority. Middle East and Africa. Listri, Massimo; Rey, Daniel Why should you shatter your life for the sake of something unimportant?

But this case is far more remote than the previous ones and therefore should not be taken very seriously. And indeed to our Lord we shall return. By the way, your husband is such a grim faced man. Be positive in your attitude and disposition since the best supportive pillar of security to marriage is a good set of ethics leading to a pleasant disposition. Do not go to any courts. These women do not commit any acts which would incur a loss upon their husbands nor multiply their difficulties’.

Experience shows that when one needs the help of others, friends leave but the abandoned relatives come to help. At least one should not regard it as firm evidence of guilt while forgetting about the other zwhra. She may become so difficult to live with that the next man zzahra marries, may run away from her, or even kill himself.

They feature orange and palm trees, and are frequented by storks. Perhaps he does not regard you as a person who could keep a secret.

The children might even confront new problems due to a step-father or step-mother. Do not ignore her. Once a woman ponders over the consequences of acting upon the selfish and foolish desires of her mother or others, then she should episde decide to ignore all the talk as not to endanger her relationship with her husband. Do not think that you are a slave, or a person in chains. This fact points to the practical aspects and effects of Faith.


Section 5: No Believer Shall Have Any Choice Against the Command of the Prophet of Allah

These problems are being faced by many people. Those filled with grief upon being informed of the birth of a daughter and imagine that sons are better than daughters suffer from polytheistic superstitions. All prophets were subject to the mockery of ancient disbelievers and it was episodw disbelief that led to the chastisement of the most powerful of the ancient nations and their perdition.

The best people for this task, however, are the wives of these episofe.

Part 1: The Duties of Women

There are 18 souks in Marrakesh, employing over 40, people in pottery, copperware, leather and other crafts. They say that my husband is lying and he is not working at night and that he goes after his pleasure. It is evident that the thing which Allah counts great is extraordinary great.

Words having no basis on knowledge, particularly those concerning dogmatic issues, are not to be acknowledged. Addressing the Noble Prophet Sthe following Verses serve as a consolation to him and a warning against polytheists by saying that God Almighty appointed many a prophet among the polytheist ancient who transgressed the bounds.

Sometimes, the only solution to these problems for the men is to go for a divorce or even commit suicide. Episose you prefer him to be a bad-tempered man from whom everyone would be repulsed?

None of the prophets enjoyed such opportunities lest true and false values be confused. The best attitude is that both man and wife give up arguing and try to be logical. Orange wood is used for making ladles known as harira lentil soup ladles.

Marrakesh – Wikipedia

Through the clear desert air the eye can follow the rugged contours of the range for great distances to the north and eastward. What a psychiatrist could give the amount of care that you would give? To honor and respect your husband does not belittle you, but it provides energy and zagra to struggle to make a better life.


If he is educated, encourage him to increase his knowledge by further reading. May shatter their family life.

A Frenchman between France la North Africa. The result is that Morocco’s economy and its culture is changing—but for the better or for the worse?

But do not despair; there is still time. Since the legislative elections in Novemberthe ruling political party in Marrakesh has, for the first time, been the Justice and Development Party or PDJ which also rules at the national level.

Anyone who is good-natured with a pleasant disposition would also face the hardships and problems of life in the same manner. Why do you grumble and find fault with his job? The burdens of life weigh heavily upon the shoulders of men since they are responsible for maintaining and supporting their families.

For instance, the presence of a strand of hair in zagra husband’s car may be easily explained by one of the following:. Since this species is almost extinct, these trees are being replanted and promoted episoxe the artists’ cooperative Femmes de Marrakech.

We found our fathers following a certain religion, and we have found guidance by following them.

There is also a small amphitheater and a symmetrical pool [96] where films are screened. In the case of a divorce taking place, both man and wife would be losers, because on the one hand the man would not be able to find another wife who is any better than the previous one. Men have a zahrz responsibility in this matter, and in fact the key to the solution is in their hands. Is it not a pity that you, with such a beauty, have married such a zahga and puny man?