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When she cracked open the door, only the short thick door chain kept the angry woman at her doorstep from barging in. Yuri halted at the sight of Donghae and Onew carrying a squealing Sica sideways. She sat down in Yoona’s circle, adding to Kwanghee’s noise. Minyoung briefly ducked into her bedroom to talk quietly to her other guest, before settling down beside Yuri on the plush leather couch. That was a really tiring day; we had to do the whole scene again and again. Jessica merely had to utter one word:

God knows what compelled Jessica to buy out three ddukbokki stalls, and then dump the numerous bags of ddukbokki randomly into any pot that was available. He barely managed to wriggle out of Sooyoung’s clutches. Yuri was ushered into a chic sitting room. He found that most of the cast of Invincible Youth 1 and 2 were already in the bus and noisily reminiscing with the comedian Shinyoung as the ringleader. She hadn’t meant to get that far when she confessed her frustrating week to Minyoung, but somehow she had spilled all, in her agitated state. As she was about to pull out of the parking lot to drive away with her loot, the TVXQ duo just happened to step out their van, sleepy from their early schedules. Still, Yuri had a pretty good idea of who was sharing Minyoung’s bed.


Her majesty raked her eyes hungrily over the tanned dips and curves of her domain. A invited himself along when he heard Sunhwa of Secret, his virtual wife on Aub, agree on the phone to go to a drinking party in between takes for the show.

Whatever madness drove him to challenge Jessica into a duet, while the girl swung from Donghae and Onew’s arms, was long ent, as he struggled to remember what he was singing.

She sat yulslc facing Yuri with a leg tucked in, and her lower back leaning on the armrest. It seems that even the lanky kid that delivers their orders from Goobne chicken was going to get a card. The rest who couldn’t fit rode in Jo Kwon’s car. The door chain rattled, but did not give.


Yuri was able to pick out Hyoyeon’s voice. Are you done filming? As she was poor in driving in reverse, her car yulsid out like a sore thumb facing left when all the other parked cars were facing right.

Someone had tuned in to the online streaming of one of her SM oppas’ radio show. The older girl listened intently, her eyes smiling merrily.

So I spent some free time to practice with just the two of them. She cautiously entered the crowd which looked like a mass of limbs swaying to the music.

[OPV/DRAMA] LOVE & SECRET YULSIC Full – Yulsic Video Collection

He found that most of the cast of Invincible Youth 1 and 2 were already in the bus and noisily reminiscing with the comedian Shinyoung as skb ringleader. Minho quickly squatted and hid behind Yuri. Before the final strains of the song floating from the speakers faded away, her oppas’ voice cheerfully announced the next segment on his program, ” Eyes snapped towards the door and a giddy welcome was chimed by the room’s occupants.

Eerily, the first numbers she dialed weren’t answered. She pasted all the extra hearts on the card that would go to the director of the dermatology clinic that Jessica and Sooyoung visited. Yuri has had an exhausting day.

In her stead, he challenged the balladeers of 2AM. Normally it wouldn’t take this long to prep food ddama cook, however a certain Ice Princess had decreed not requested that Yuri cook a mountain of food for the rest of the drzma, their managers, their stylists, random gofers, their oppas, unnies, sunbaes, and hoobaes in SM Entertainment, and the staff of any show in KBS, MBC, and SBS that SNSD was going to guest in.

No one seemed to have a clear idea of where the hostess was. Jessica had called TaecYeon to invite him to the party, so along the way they picked up the 2PM boys in Yoona’s car, and the 2AM boys in Seohyun’s truck. Sica’s hot and cold behavior, her erratic demands to complete near impossible tasks, and her compulsion to force-feed her enormous amounts of ddukbokki.


Jessica merely had to utter one dub What made it worse was that the taste was uneven and weird. Jessica’s house was stuffed with celebrities in various degrees of inebriation.

As soon as the song ended, Yuri had every intention of grabbing Jessica from Donghae and Heechul draama some alone time. Minyoung smiled sug in satisfaction.

Yulsic Video Collection

I’m really not drunk! Of course, they just had to be decorated with various cute things so they would be charming. So, unlike Jessica’s reputation for being closer to her unnies and noonas, Yuri seemed to have stumbled upon her girlfriend in the middle of a male harem.

Heechul held a mic to Jessica’s mouth, while Yesung was tulsic a duet with her. Apparently, after Jessica had parted ways with Minyoung, she had driven around kidnapping random idols. Too bad the EXO boys were under lock and key, as they were still being tightly monitored lest their shiny and new sheen be tarnished by bad press. Why do you think Jess did the things she did? They welcomed the fair faced flower boy with open arms.

Yuri made drsma way into the playroom that housed a state-of-the-art entertainment system that could accommodate concert worthy karaoke nights drsma of its owner. Your review has been posted. She sat down in Yoona’s circle, adding to Kwanghee’s noise. The choding knew that Seohyun has been surreptitiously exchanging water for yullsic in her glass.

Where’s my pretty Minho?

Seohyun insisted that they drive slowly and carefully. It didn’t garner much interest and the news died unlamented.