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He studiously pored over the list of songs available. Yuri often had the most skin-baring costumes, being the designated member in taking care of Soshi’s sexiness. She was still ashamed at her rashness, and repentant that she had doubted Sica’s fidelity. Hyoyeon sped away from the scene, as someone might have heard Changmin’s Tenor-C scream before he lost consciousness. When Yuri finished her tale, she drained her glass of water feeling relief in finally unloading her swirling thoughts to a sympathetic ear. Yuri had even helped Jessica cook a meal for her on a TV show. The choding knew that Seohyun has been surreptitiously exchanging water for soju in her glass. Changmin sadly looked on as his carefully chosen song list was wiped off the screen and replaced with a series of dance songs.

What made it worse was that the taste was uneven and weird. Her majesty raked her eyes hungrily over the tanned dips and curves of her domain. The resulting sauce was made by three different hands, owned by three different cooks who had three different ideas on what made ddukbokki delicious, and how to make their own recipe special. The boys each sported a suspicious bump on their heads. Sensing that her unnie was on to something and that she was getting near to decrypting Jessica’s mystifying behavior, Yuri thought about what she did before she had to handcraft a hundred thank you notes, and was subjected to torture by spicy rice cakes. Meanwhile, Sunny ensured that a steady production of soju bombs was mixed and that no glass was left dry for less than a few seconds. We had to retake my kissing scene with Lee Jae Hoon-oppa. As she was about to pull out of the parking lot to drive away with her loot, the TVXQ duo just happened to step out their van, sleepy from their early schedules.

Her lips were numb, she was teary-eyed, her nose was runny, and her tongue was about to fall off.

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Victoria who ate her fair share of the sizzling pork on WGM, flipped the meat expertly, as she took charge of cooking the food. Yuri has been slicing vegetables and meat for almost an hour, and she hasn’t even begun to cook yet, except for the rice which is already well on its way in the rice cooker.


I’m really not drunk! Normally it wouldn’t take this long to prep food to cook, however a certain Ice Princess had decreed not requested that Yuri cook a mountain of food for the rest of the members, their managers, their stylists, random gofers, their oppas, unnies, sunbaes, and hoobaes in SM Entertainment, and the staff of any show in KBS, MBC, and SBS that SNSD was going to guest in.

We had to retake my kissing scene with Lee Jae Hoon-oppa.

She was wondering why I was filming so late. Siwon scurried away as ddama as his gluteus maximus gained freedom. They went around in a convoy. Changmin was also present. The beastly idols’ eyes were wide in admiration at Yoona’s epic burping ability. Yuri took a second look when she heard the two finally speaking to each other informally.

He found that most of the cast of Invincible Youth 1 and 2 were already in the bus and noisily reminiscing with the comedian Shinyoung as the ringleader. Are you done filming? Yuri has had an exhausting day. ed

We were just talking about our day, and I was telling her a funny story about how the oppas would try different rrama sprays and breath strips ’cause they were really conscious about making a good impression when we had to do a kissing scene. So I spent some free time to practice with just the two of them. A invited himself along when he heard Sunhwa of Secret, his virtual wife on WGM, agree on the phone to go to a drinking party in between takes for the show.

TaecYeon was laughing so hard that he suddenly lived up to his nickname ‘Fart Quake’. Suddenly contrite, she bowed low to the groggy Minyoung in apology.

Donghae’s arms were wrapped around Jessica’s torso.

What made it worse was that the taste was fnd and weird. Of course, they just had to be decorated with various cute things so they would be charming. She pasted all the extra hearts on the card that would go to the director of the dermatology clinic that Jessica and Sooyoung visited. She stared in frustration at her phone, willing it to give her the answers, oblivious to the staff scurrying to set up for the next scene, and to the makeup artist who was flitting yuleic her fussing over her hair and retouching her face.


Yuri had drawn the sheet up to cover yulskc nakedness feeling lonely, without even the comfort of an afterglow. Just In All Stories: Yuri has been pasting little foam lucky charms onto cards for almost an hour, and she hasn’t even begun writing personalized messages on each one of them. Her majesty raked her eyes hungrily over the tanned dips and curves of her domain.

Yuri wished Jessica had been a little less careful, and at least left a small love-bite as a physical reminder of what they shared from Friday evening to the wee ned of Monday morning, because now she felt empty and abandoned by the confusing silence she was getting from Jessica.


Yoona’s drunken voice suddenly spoke up in a high pitched tone, “I’m not drunk! Misc Parodies and Spoofs. Minyoung blearily blinked back at the hard glare that was being leveled at her. Too bad the EXO boys were under lock and key, draama they were still being tightly monitored lest their shiny and new sheen be tarnished by bad press. You kids are so cute.

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He was scrolling through trot songs, and was fast punching in a queue of difficult ones for an all-star sing out with the party’s best vocalists. Gingerly, she tiptoed around Key and Seohyun who were in hysterics. Right now, Sooyoung was fixated on the samgyupsal, so samgyupsal was what everyone had.

Puzzled, Yuri looked up to the ceiling trying to recall the past. So I was thinking of practicing my scripts, and to try and understand my character in the drama more. He was holding too near Jessica’s chest much to Yuri’s displeasure. Intent on finding her absent girlfriend, missing her terribly and feeling alone despite the abundance of friends present in Jessica’s house, Yuri craned her neck over the bobbing heads and the glasses raised in toast.