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But Yuma’s words allow Vector to finally understand the sincerity of his kindness, causing him to flash back to the times he spent with Yuma as “Ray Shadows,” even while Don Thousand’s influence over him is broken. After attacking, Astral urges Yuma to regain something crucial that he had lost in his recent duels. Lion Heart to awaken Alito’s memories, despite the dangers that would be involved. As Mizar lies dying, he urges Nash and Yuma not to let everyone else’s sacrifice be in vain, before his body dissolves and his soul is absorbed by Don Thousand. When Vector then activates a trap, Evil 1, which threatens to wipe both Dumon and Marin’s life points, Dumon activates the trap Sacred Shield, which saves Marin and powers up her Ragnafinity, but at the same time results in his own defeat. Don Thousand calls this absurd, saying that filthy maggots like them shouldn’t have been able to awaken the Numeron Dragon. Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon then reappears due to its effect, and its attack points double, due to that effect having activated when Prime Photon Dragon was banished. However, Mizar activates Tachyon Chaos Hole, which banishes itself from play, along with Kite’s set card.

Despite taking a lot of damage from Alito’s attack, Yuma senses that his passionate dueling still resides within him. Alito’s Time of Revival” Transcription: Then, the fusion between Barian World and the Human World is undone, allowing both worlds to finally separate. Add the first question. Before the duel, Yuma informs Tori about the true stakes of the duel, asking her to keep quiet about it so as to not cause any worry. Along the way, Vector is shown to be on good terms with the other Barian Emperors, waving off a remark about his new demeanor, and Tori finally confesses to Yuma about her romantic feelings for him. Then, Don Thousand reveals his true plan:

After seeing Yuma create his own Number, Astral concludes that Yuma is the reincarnation of another part of himself that he had lost during his ancient battle with Don Thousand, specifically, the part of him that had allowed him to utilize the power of ZEXAL.

Meanwhile, Alito summons Number Nash tells Yuma that although he considers him to be his friend, he is now a Barian, and he must do whatever he must to protect the souls of his other friends, the Barians.

Nash uses a chain of effects to power up DARK to attack points, even though his life points are reduced to in the process. Then, Vector decides to let go, allowing Don Thousand to absorb him in order to save Yuma, causing Yuma to scream “Ray!

After attacking, Astral urges Yuma to regain something crucial that he had lost in his recent duels. Yuma and Nash barely manage to survive Don Thousand’s attacks, by utilizing their trap cards. Kite tells Yuma that he has entrusted everything to Yuma, so they can’t lose the duel. Don Thousand uses Numeron Direct to summon Numbers 1 through 4: Vector, now wielding Don Thousand’s power, challenges Dumon and Marin to a duel, using the power he absorbed from Number 96 to summon out Dark Mist.


Chaos Xyz Barian Hope vanishes, and the ensuing explosion knocks Nash backwards, causing him to revert to his human form, even as Yuma screams, “Shark! Yuma uses Numeron Dragon’s effect to reduce Numerronius’ attack points to 0 and destroy both of them.

It is also revealed that once Don Thousand obtains the Numeron Code, he plans to use it to reshape all the worlds to his image. episove

Don Thousand calls them fools, saying that even if they managed to destroy Numeron Network, they cannot win. Audible Spisode Audio Books. This allows Yuma to survive with only life points.

“Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal” Go with the Flow: Part 2 (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Enraged by Marin’s death, Nash breaks out of his imprisonment, regains his Barian form, and goes to confront Vector. Drawing power from the tablets surrounding him, Kite manages to bring out Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon’s true form, Number Go with the Flow: Feelings Fallen into the Void!!

Then, he sacrifices himself in Astral’s place, leaving him with a card later revealed to be Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force. This was the same card that Don Thousand had used to change Mizar’s card. Girag declares that he will never forgive Vector or Don Thousand for what they did. Chronomaly Chaos Atlandis and attacking Tachyon Dragon. Views Read Edit View sumjary.

Add the first question. However, just as Nash attacks, Vector reveals he was just putting on an act and activates another trap to destroy all of his monsters. Kite begins to explain his research on the legend of the Galaxy-Eyes Dragons, revealing that the battle mentioned in the legend was actually a ritual necessary for breaking a spell cast by the original Galaxy-Eyes Dragon, which was responsible for creating the Numeron Code.

Arito Fukkatsu no Koku ” Japanese: Zeal tells Yuma that most people throw away the most important thing as they grow up, and he urges Yuma not to do that, to keep believing in others and to keep his pure heart and soul that never gives up. Share this Rating Title: Six pieces of theme music are used for the series: Season 1 Episode 2. Requiem in Berserk and equip yuggioh to Comet Cestus to negate Lion Heart’s effect, but Yuma manages to survive thanks to his trap card.


Mizar decides to head to the moon to confront Kite. This causes Vector to leave Yuma and head back to Barian World. Then, Don Thousand combines the 4 Numbers into a gigantic gate, from which emerges a dragon, the true form of the 4 “Numeron Gate” Numbers.

But then, Yuma uses Double or Nothing to double Utopia’s attack points topoints, which also allows it to attack again, finally destroying Numerronius Numerronia 414 defeating Don Thousand.

Then, Vector recovers his life points using the continuous spell Don Thousand’s Throne, which draws its power from Nash, who is held captive within an energy barrier. This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat Ware wa “Biyondo” ” Japanese: However, during the End Phase, if any player didn’t use the drawn card, that player would automatically lose the Duel.

Yuma activates Light Wing Bumper, which reduces Utopia’s attack points to since his attack was negated, and Yuma destroys Utopia with Gagaga Samurai, lowering Astral’s life points to Torawareta Nakama no Kizuna!!

Before disappearing, Marin’s spirit appears to Nash, telling him to live on without su,mary and become stronger. Refusing to believe that Tachyon Dragon was the embodiment of Don Thousand’s curse on him, or that it would betray him, Mizar brings back Neo Galaxy-Eyes Epizode Dragon using Galaxy Rebirth, which halves its attack points.

Then, the flower opens and unveil’s an energy version of Don Thousand’s original form. As Hart encourages the people in Heartland City to support Yuma, Vetrix gets into contact with Kazuma, and the two of them use their power to hold back the worlds for as long as they can.

Don Thousand calls them fools and says that this is a “Duel of the gods” – all roads here will lead mortals to despair.

Yuma and Astral reflect on the time they had spent together as friends, and Yuma asks Astral why he wants to destroy Barian World in order to “rank-up” Astral World.

Saying their goodbyes to Yuma, the two are defeated by Mizar as he destroys their Chaos Numbers, and their souls are sent to Barian World.

Go with the Flow: Part 2

Mizar takes on both Trey and Quinton at once. Don Thousand shows them that he had brainwashed the 3 knights who had killed Dumon into murdering their comrade, and that he had influenced Marin into sacrificing herself during Vector’s attack on their homeland.

Alito’s Time of Revival” Transcription: