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Putlocker Tusfiles Sockshare Mirrorcreator. To stop the process, Hime uses the Dragon Spear to remove part of the tree. Hana no Uta Episode 7 Subtitle Indonesia [p]. Adit Luvie Yang mau share cantumkan credit berupa backlink ya…. Walkure Romanze Episode 7 Subtitle Indonesia. Views Read Edit View history.

As Ao relaxes on one of the Seven Pillars, she sees Enjin hovering in the sky. Furious, Kotoha conjures a 88 mm gun. Putlocker Tusfiles Solidfiles Mirrorcreator. Kyousougiga Episode 0 Subtitle Indonesia. Inti cerita berpusat di sekitar Takahiro Mizuno, seorang siswa yang belajar menjadi seorang begleiter assiten ksatria di akade The following day, a grateful Rin arrives at Akina’s office to sell food. In a city inhabited by youkais and humans, Kotoha is an exception, becoming a half-youkai when she was struck by a mysterious lightning when she was a kid.

Meanwhile, Akina meets with the Senior Council, which tells him to disregard that Enjin is in Gin’s body. However, the man reveals himself to be Enjin Hiizumi, a foe far more dangerous than they believed.

Afterwards, Akina meets with Yae, and tells her to keep his encounter with Enjin a secret. After the last crisis is averted, peace returns to Sakurashin. Hana no Uta Episode 13 Quaret Indonesia.

Hime assigns Akina to be Rin’s caretaker, but she quickly leaves. Takes place between episodes 8 and 9 of Hana no Uta which skips over the events. Hana no Uta Episode 11 Subtitle Indonesia [p]. When Akina arrives, however, he is still unwilling to use tuning on Enjin.

Sharebeast Tusfiles Sendmyway Solidfiles Mirrorcreator. In the hospital, Hime tearfully confides to Akina that she is too weak to save the town by herself, and Ao gozakura her to allow her friends to help her. Enjin begins to experience pain as Gin’s body is resisting him, and he leaves Shinozuka to do what imdo pleases. However, Enjin is still on the run and plans to enact revenge on the city.


Hime returns from aub business trip, and begins to broadcast eposode song of her own making throughout the city. When Ao reads the mind of Junta, a reclusive child, she accidentally reveals a promise he made with his missing father, and Junta runs away.

Adit Luvie Yang mau share cantumkan credit berupa backlink ya…. While Akina pays a visit to the memorial to his grandfather and all the youkai tuned by the Hiizumi family, he is confronted by Enjin, who attempts to possess his body but is driven away by members of the senate, but little they know that Enjin soon after learns to control the same power they used to defeat him and becomes an even more dangerous threat.

As Juri reminisces about when she moved to Sakurashin, she is unaware that her younger sister is the next of Enjin’s youkai hunters who are preparing to attack the city.

Rin appears and holds Akina at gunpoint, revealing that Kosuke promised her revenge on the humans that abused her. Meskipun anak itu muncul sebagai manusia, dia adalah setengah Youmu Alibabakun88 Yang mau zub cantumkan credit berupa backlink ya…. Hana no Uta Episode 7 Subtitle Indonesia. Cerita ini melibatkan dua pasang kakak dan adik remaja muda, Shinmoto yang agak narsis dan Saitou yang terlihat sedikit misteriu In the ceremony, Hime carries the Dragon Spear into ahna shrine around one of the Seven Pillars and prays for the continued safety of the town.

Hana no Uta Episode 7 Subtitle Quarett. Hana no Uta Episode 10 Subtitle Indonesia.

Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta BD Subtitle Indonesia – DEAITRAA

Akina and Hime are summoned by the senate to discuss the situation and are angered with their purpose to sacrifice the youkai in the city to stop Enjin’s plans. Two pieces of theme music are used for the episodes: Enjin travels to the meeting place of the Senior Council, and threatens to kill them.


Hime and her friends confront an elusive iindo to rescue Kohime but the situation becomes drastic when they fall under the influence of a barrier that weakens their youkai powers. Hana no Uta Episode 8 Subtitle Indonesia. Furious, Hime hits Silver and he walks away dejectedly despite Ao’s pleas. Elsewhere, Enjin realizes that he cannot use his full power because Gin’s soul is still present in his body.

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Yozakura Quartet: Yoza-Quar! Special 1

That evening, Enjin attacks the barrier created by the Seven Pillars and passes through it. When she encounters Hime, she asks why Akina is allowed in the city, and Hime claims that Akina’s tuning ability is necessary for the city’s peace; however, Rin considers tuning murder. Enjin demands that Akina open the entrance to the shrine, and Hime attacks him.

Hana no Uta Episode 7 Subtitle Indonesia [p]. When she hanna later, Jinroku, an elderly citizen, gives her the head of the previous generation’s Dragon Spear.

Akina confronts Enjin, but is unwilling to use tuning on him after Enjin reveals that Gin’s soul is still present in his body.

Alibabakun88 Yang mau share cantumkan credit berupa backlink ya Enjin goes to one of the Seven Pillars and forces it to bloom. Ao confronts Akina and tells Akina that he should use tuning on Enjin regardless of the danger to Gin’s soul.