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Sure they had more twists and turns in plotline coming, but yet they spent time on the lovey-dovey aftermath without establishing the convincing strong foundations properly. Will be back with more thoughts on 2 final episodes when I get to watch ep 18 with sub. Not a single tear was shed that day as it was pure business under the veil of non-existent mourning and pledging allegiance through gray ties. What gets my goat are those who make ridiculous remarks and are obviously not watching but jumping into the fray to dampen others’ enjoyment. I am on the 27th episode of Gaksital, all that remains is to watch the last one, but during next week after the exams! So it was not great but there is a LOT worse. A good start, got behind after a few laps, then a total fail at the end

How can he know she was going to kill YJ? Am not hating on the drama. Archived from the original on November 28, But then, I can think of a lot of ways it could have ended better. You are commenting using your Facebook account. But if one cannot wake up, the nightmare continues.

That’s why they were willing to go beyond their call of duty and help. Unaware of her condition, Yeo Jin decides episoed wants to leave the company and go back to Tae Hyun, but her condition quickly deteriorates, and she is unable to leave. Because when you have a crazily good cast, a brilliant idea for a plot, resources from one of the top TV broadcasters in a country and a seasoned production team who seems to know what they’re doing, one could think you can’t fail.


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That is a major oversight IMO especially since she knew she was returing to a crocodile infested river. During her fifth year of elementary school she underwent treatment for cancer. What really got me confused was why the intelligent and cunning Jeo-jin who dramabeabs how the scenario of her brother’s “rescue” and eventual death would play out, would carry on keeping the biggest sneaky-rat Secratery Min around?

She dismisses evil maid after she episoode her drugged water on the table. He asks if she knows who he is, she answers in her dfamabeans How does she get a get-out-of-jail-free card after everything that she did? I’m supposed to be doing housework.

Weaving in our cops, Tae Hyun calls them and asks about something that peaks their interest.

5 Stunning Makeup Looks From “Yong Pal”

I liked the part when YJ says the person who calls you up from a nightmare is Yong Pal. Min had apl own agenda all along? They should have been working together since they had both been imprisoned by the same man for years. He became a photographer. I wasn’t planning to come back to this thread but saw that I missed some new posts.

Member feedback about Lee Si-eon: She is revenging for herself. I will call him a egomaniac. This time tae hee noona join him.


Episde least to make sure YJ has some chance to live. However, I will miss watching this drama every Wednesday and Thursday and I will miss all of you with our debating in each episodes.

Your comment is a perfect example to how “You don’t see things the way they are, you see them the way you are”. Member feedback about Choi Jung-in: Nurse Hwang Nurse Hwang was definitely dramabesns unique character in the drama.

I hate shows that do this, they reel you in, in the first couple of episodes, and then from there its downhill. Yeah, she never quite warmed up enough for me. But also, in his early hospital days, when he would break the rules and why? The YongPal in him meant different thing to different people.


darmabeans By uglypearl Started February 9. Back to the beginning the story line went. Like i said many times before i just have to roll with it and not think too much. He gets on his knees and begs. Yes I can guess lots of interpretation.

Chief Lee recruited YongPal as a “partner in crime”.