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We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. In the prison, Yong Gu is accompanied with 5 cell-mate and do crazy things including brought Yong Gu’s daughter into a cell. I watched it at a Korean film festival in Sydney. Its is pulled off by excellent acting. I mean Yesung is, essentially, doing this to exonerate his father of his guilty verdict and to “overturn” his death sentence. He does and he doesn’t, honestly.

And then you have a smart and understanding daughter, who loves his father so much and doesn’t see her father differently. This movie is all about love, love of a father to his daughter, love of a bad guy to an innocent man, and also love of a lifetime from a daughter to her father. Sign in to vote. Then he was sent into a prison and would be executed. The reason I bring South Korea up in relation to this movie should be obvious. Miracle takes what seems like a fairly grim story, and turns it into a joyful ride lovable, quirky characters, humorous plot events and effective tearjerkers. The unconditional love between a mentally challenged father and his daughter has been portrayed immaculately. It shows the positive side of a prison life, and that not all prisoners are gangsters or bad.

Seriously though, I was really worried when I read this movie’s description and I saw the trailer.

So far this year, this is the only film that made me laugh and cry. Comedy best works standalone or when mixed with Action or Romance. Miracle in Cell No.

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His characters in movies were usually very manly. The police commissioner, however, threatens to harm Ye-seung if Yong-gu doesn’t confess his “crime” during his trial. And, honestly, I’ve grown to hate it quite a bit.

The perfect film to bring your other half, especially if she’s into Korean weepies. This is perfect for the upcoming Father’s Day.

The strength with the film lies in its excellent ensemble cast of veteran Korean actors and the little girl – a total natural. When I do, it’s getting a little bit of a blurry eye, not having tears running down my face.


Another movie, whose name I forget, changed the result ni the World Cup to justify killing a little girl. Sign in to vote. January February 6, “.

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This should be obvious if you’ve followed my reviews for South Korean films, even on Letterboxd, but they’ve made some of the most emotionally manipulative and melodramatic movies Cel seen. That movie made me cry for the first time in about a year and a half and if I don’t get pregnant right fucking now i’m going to have some kind of nervous breakdown. This film will make you cry. In Green Mile the prisoner has a child like innocence and wins the trust of all the guards.

I’m deeply sorry for disliking your favourite movie. Two thumbs up for the good actors especially to Mr. There are scenes where he’s trying way too hard and there’s scenes, like when he gets a chance at a retrial when he decides to accept his fate to not mirxcle his daughter at risk, where he’s tremendous. Because it was a cold day, the little girl slipped on ice and due to im too-heavy sailor moon bag she wore, she slipped heavily and to make thins worse, a mirracle brick which was pushing down some covers for goods at some stores fell on her forehead.

Another thing, how the fuck did these cellmates manage to do this??? Asian Cinema and yours truly.

But I guess it had to go in that direction in order to make this story work. Injustice ensues and Yonggu ends up yesng prison with his own daughter Yeseung played by Gal So-Won all alone. It is what it is, but it’s a little silly all things considered. Heart melting and tear dropping movie. CinemaClown 21 March The movie, obviously, is not all about Yesung and his daughter, it’s about how he and his cellmates become close friends.

When Yong-gu tries to resuscitate her, a bystander mistakenly thinks he is molesting her. A lot of South Korean comedies do this, they rely on little kids being adorable to make you overlook its flaws because ‘awww look at the little kid being adorable The story is about the love of the daughter to her mentally challenged father. This movie has simply made me to search more and more Korean movies and watch them.


Undoubtfuly ‘Miracle in Cell No. The father daughter relationship in this movie is simply beautiful, in some ways ineffable. Yong-gu is the child like father whose only concern is welbeing of Ye-sung.

But for that matter it is much difficult to make the audience cry and laugh simultaneously, but “Miracle in Cell No. The Nl Worlds Life is Beautiful was a story about a child like father and his son and was a comedy set on a cwst depressing world. One day, Yong Gu was falsely accused of murdering and raping a 6 year old girl whose father is a chief police.

It’s a story of love, treasuring, reassurance and friendship.

Miracle in Cell No. 7

However, it shows some problems in the process of police’s accusation of a person and persuade him to accept police’s offer by falsely presents some of their ideas and sacrifice the innocent people’s life without any payback. Awaiting the trial, he is assigned Cell no. More Top Movies Trailers. Ryoo Seung-Ryong stars as Yonggu, the mentally handicapped father. I don’t know if Korean producers of this movie actually intended or bought the scenario from Hollywood.

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Audible Download Audio Books. My tears just would not stop.

Give it a try. You wanna portray these people as actual human beings with complex feelings and emotions. The most touching scene for me was when little Yae Seung say thanks to her father An error has occured.