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He admits that he is chasing both Yawara the judoka and Ywara the person. Fujiko discloses for the first time to Jigoro that Yawara is quitting judo. Yawara tells her to strike first against Teleshikova before she could pick up her un deux trois rhythm. Jigoro cuts a deal with Yawara: However, she is also not getting up from the mat and may be knocked unconscious briefly. Jigoro is also upset that the World Cup has no open-weight division, which he believes is counter to the spirit of judo in which skill can overcome strength. However, Kuniko comes to his rescue by showing her typical physical close to him a fake girlfriend acting as a pretend girlfriend.

After eavesdropping on the conversation, Jigoro tells Sayaka she can challenge Yawara at any of 10 tournaments in the next 4 months in preparation for establishing a track record for fighting Jody in a World Tournament. Midori Karashima Arrangement by: Despite her weakness, Kyon-Kyon has made real progress in judo. Seeing elbow scrapes on Yawara that could be caused by judo exercise arouses Shinnosuke’s suspicion even more. However, she is defeated almost instantly when Yawara switches move. Matsuda does further searching for his taxi driver savior, but is unable to locate him. She also again refers to Tamao tells Yawara that her father might have been spotted in Seoul, the site of the World Cup, giving some 1-ippon lessons to Korean judokas.

At judk post-victory celebration, Shinnosuke tells Matsuda that he will be free of Sayaka for a while as Kojiro has agreed to train her, and Matsuda warns him not to let Yawara know. Sayuri submits her opponent with her weight, but has learned yadara give up on the next match when she is pinned. Refusing to give up, Sayaka is able to reverse flip and escape from Yuki at the last second.

Yawara finally decides to enter the Cup and start training camp.

Though she has not been taught any pinning moves by Jigoro, Fujiko’s desire to go to Yugoslavia is so strong that she invents a new Osaekomi pin on the fly, but it is unclear whether she can hold on. The next day, although most members are late, they all show up to practice, proving that Fujiko’s faith in them is not misplaced. Wonder if They are Staying” Transcription: Sayaka assembles a fake judo team from her rich heiress Seishin School classmates, the idea being that she will take care of all the matches.


Mitsuba judo club’s first “practice” was a disaster, as no one actually knows how to do judo. Fujiko is inspired when she sees Kyon-kyon actually warming up to fight next. Fujiko is unable to eat or sleep after being told she has been nominated to enter free weight competition.

Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl episode 122

At the same time, the Musashiyama judo team is also struggling mightily, losing the first match quickly but eking out a victory by the smallest judoka, Kohno, who keeps to Yawara’s training advice.

Matsuda joins Yawara for a run to tell her that Sayaka will be challenging her at Ajisai, and also suggests that she could build the Mitsuba members’ confidence by letting them throw her. Yawara sends a letter of challenge to Sudoh, who mistakes it for a love letter; Hanazono for his part believes the duel challenge was done for him. She runs off to catch the Tsurukame people to accept their offer, but they had already left.

After eavesdropping on the conversation, Jigoro tells Sayaka she can challenge Yawara at any of 10 tournaments in the next 4 months in preparation for establishing a track record for fighting Jody in a World Jydo. Sayaka consoles herself by claiming that Yawara took her down before the “begin” signal, which was disproved by the timer and video playback.

Her parents also unexpectedly come to see her; her mom is very tall also, but the dad is short. As a result, although she has been accepted to Saikai, she would not be going to the world championships in Yugoslavia. Fujiko is as stiff as a robot and in bad shape to start her contest. Matsuda acts as a messenger carrying Yawara’s taped coaching tips to the team members.

After Yawara defeats the 4th, the coach still claims it is going according to plan. Yawara then visits Tsurukame office to accept its job, while Coach Yuutenji calls Jigoro to tell her Saikai has approved Yawara and Fujiko’s acceptance pending an entrance exam formality.

At the end of the episode, Jody arrives at the high school’s dojo fashjonable a fight with Yawara. Shinnosuke reflects his experience so far coaching Sayaka, which includes being given a Ferrari not yet sold in Japan and an offer of a permanent position in the Honami Group with an implied offer of eventual marriage to Sayaka.

Jigoro decides to keep Jody on tashionable a student and workout partner for Yawara. Yawara for her part has not figured out what she wants to do. Yawara leaves thinking that Matsuda does not care about her as a person and only sees as a walking sports news scoop.


When Yawara arrives, she is conscripted to be a temporary placeholder member for the judo club by Hanazono, who does not know her judo abilities initially. Shinnosuke is later shown to be admiring himself in the mirror in his underwear and listening to various voicemails from women beseeching his attention.

Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl Episode

Yawara finally understands the impact of her judo on the public. The judo clubbers graduate Mitsuba and they all cry at parting.

Sayaka appears at a French judo tournament and throws the French champion. Kojiro episoxe Sayaka that they are not geniuses like Jigoro or Yawara, and that the only way to beat them is through “luck. Fujiko is next and suffering from extreme anxiety as Yawara’s future seems to depend on her.

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Faehionable pulls Fujiko aside to ask her to mentally practice “un deux yawxra against the contenders while they are competing. They are to meet in the semifinals. Her opponent is the favorite in the division, and has studied Fujiko’s “Swan Lake” technique yawaga counter it. Yaeara and Yawara find out in the news that Jody will be fighting the Russians in a televised tournament, but Yawara almost does not make it back to watch the match after being whisked away by Shinnosuke, who lies to her about his relationship with Sayaka.

Tsukushi’s coach is shocked to hear that all the Mitsuba members are 1-month beginners. Matsuda is excited about the tournament as well, and reveals that Saikai College’s veteran judo captain, Kousaka Megumi, is also aching to challenge Yawara because Yawara has disrespected Saikai by turning down its scholarship offer.

Hanazono shows up at Mitsuba College to help drum up interest for the judo club, including an impromptu demonstration at the cafeteria that ended up his fondling a woman’s breasts, but also attracting another new member Oda Mari, aka “Marilyn” who wants to learn judo “without adding muscles” so that she can avoid being molested.