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The police officer investigating the case also committed suicide by hanging himself in the same house. He comes across Dr Balu Sachin Khanderkar , who speaks about paranormal things. Even better news is that the music’s tuned by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, while lyrics are by the queen of song-writing Thamarai. Still, the catchy rhythm really clicks only at the very end. The Tamil theatrical release poster as Yavarum Nalam. Saranya, who plays Madhavan’s mother come out good.

Things like his sister graduating, his wife getting pregnant and later suffering a miscarriage are all also shown in the serial. Even better news is that the music’s tuned by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, while lyrics are by the queen of song-writing Thamarai. Balu Sachin Khedekar , who sees the family members’ faces as the serial family members. Worth a listen though. The film stars Madhavan and Neetu Chandra in the lead roles. The elevator in the apartment works for everyone in the building except Manohar, which bothers him.

Rediff called the film as one of the best films of He goes to the hall and witnesses the climax of Yavarum Nalam when they are showing the murderer’s identity: One day Manohar finds the omvie man’s dog trying to find something in the sand, Manohar stops the dog and takes it to its owner.

Priya is saved by their longtime family friend and doctor, Dr. All are finetitled 13B: Heavy thumping beats and the strains of a harmonica begin Yaavarum Nalam ringtonf, sung by Shankar Mahadevan [ Images ] in his characteristically fluid voice.

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But they encounter a series of small but strange incidents such ringtohe milk getting spoiledwhich are regarded as inauspicious by his family but shrugged off by an excited Manohar. As the serial unfolds, Manohar notices that the incidents that happen in the serial are a reflection of what is happening to his family.


They move to the flat with their mega-serial addict mother Saranya. All credit to director Vikram Kumar, who has come out an engrossing thriller in the lines of classic horrors by Alfred Hitchcock. It was he who killed them in the s on behalf of his brother, the spurned fan, and also killed the police officer who caught him red-handed.

He now wants to know who is behind the making of the TV show. Though it has an interesting ringtons point, 13B fails due to lack of gripping narration. The rest of the family remains oblivious to the similarities and Manohar prefers it that way to avoid panic. On this, Manohar digs the ground on a rainy evening and finds a diary. Film Journal International wrote in their review, “J-horror-styled supernatural thriller from India doesn’t have the gore or intensity of the real thing, and for many in the mainstream, that’s a relief.

Anuradha SriramJassie Gift. So here’s the lowdown on what the magical trio have to offer: Tubbi Parik’s background score is good bringing audience to their seat-edges.

The Ringtond working title was Channel.

In the flip side, one wonders when Manohar can identify events on yvaarum serial with his daily life, how his family missed it out? Disheartened, he committed suicide. After researching one night, Manohar has a nightmare of the 13B murderer climbing the stairs to kill his eingtone. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Bollywood actor Neetu Chandra makes her debut in Tamil playing a bubbly young wife of Madhavan.

Since the CD cover mentions that this song is a ‘super hit’, you’re a bit curious about how it measures up. Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama gave the film 1. On the day of Chitra’s engagement, an ardent fan Shriram Shinde in the 13B version of Chitra wanted to stop the engagement and failed in doing so. Otherwise, it is a movie that is refreshingly different. Manohar’s face is shown as the killer. Saranya, who plays Madhavan’s mother come out good. He comes across Dr Balu Sachin Khanderkarwho speaks about paranormal things.


Worth a listen though. He plays a male protagonist who strives to save his family from the hands of a super ringtkne power. Even better news is that the music’s tuned by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, while lyrics are by the queen of song-writing Thamarai.

Yaavarum Nalam Review

Kushboo Sundar TamilRohini Telugu. Times of India gave the movie a 3. She resembles women dingtone the average household watching almost all the mega-serials that are being aired on the satellite channels. Later that night he asks his wife about the latest episode of the serial, she reveals the same story to him.

Though she has nothing much to do yxvarum the movie, she does full justice to her role. A temporary shooting floor was created from scratch in Egmore, Chennai, inside which an elaborate apartment set was erected.

The majority of the film takes place inside an apartment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The story ends with Manohar living a normal life with a new dog in the family; the milk is not getting spoiled anymore.