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He can’t understand what his younger self is saying anymore and the stories are starting to become more and more nonsensical and surreal. He takes a look outside and finds nothing, but the dripping gets closer She decides to try it out, picking the locker with the baseball player’s jersey number, to find a pale, disheveled, old-fashioned doll, holding a small black box. They really grew on me. She then asks if she could read another fortune for him as pulls out another flower. Golden Wind 20 Kaguya-sama: When his gaze returns to the carousel, Satomi is gone. Suddenly, the kamishibaiya turns around and the story ends, revealing the title of the story and the kamishbaiya ending the story as he always does, “Oshimai.

The girl was fond of the boy and one day she asked if they could go to the amusement park. The two then sit down to dinner. Anime and Manga portal. Suddenly, her friend calls out, breaking Kana’s thoughts. The screen goes to black and the student’s scream is heard. I’ll see what people think of them when they’re done. Asako then comes across a mask stand, and calls out to Miki to have a look, but Miki disappears and wonders where she went.

Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories (TV)

Lend it to me! A boy comes home holding a Matryoshka dollor a Russian nesting doll. His mother tells him to let her in, making him wonder if that’s her. He takes his seat in the back tells the driver where to go and relaxes. While teaching, she notices the same boy discussin sitting in the back of the class drawing. That night Toshiharu wakes up to use the bathroom and curiously peers into the room filled with all the laughing adults, horrifically finding them wearing hideous painted smiles.

Disussion family bid discuzsion other goodbye, seemingly completely ignorant of Takeshi’s fate. My Italian Cooking Mal Title: Jan 16, Miki tells her she has seen a ghost, to which Mai is amazed.

Suddenly, a sound can be heard. Outside his hospital room, he hears children say that perhaps he might be a new friend to play with. Kunpei Yanagikawa Associate producer: As Hatanaka desperately struggles to remove his hand from “Taro-chan”, the crowd believes it all to be a yai of the act. However a ghostly pale white child appears upon closing the scanner’s lid.


The buzzing returns, which stops again when he glances up. As the student climbs the nearby hill, the black mass is seen expanding out of the apartment discuxsion and overshadowing the student.

But when he takes a peek to make sure they’re gone, he finds discussiob on an operating table surrounded by four epiisode surgeons with huge mouths that make up their entire faces. As Daisuke uses the restroom later that night, he recalls the event while staring at the moon through the window, and remembers that there was some type of figure stalking him while trapped in the pit.

She then promptly urges him into the other room. Ryousuke’s mother, much to his father’s shock, who demands to know who let her in.

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He does feel a little better though, having someone to talk to. The message asks which floor the bathroom is. The teacher walks home late at night and spots the boy sketching a picture of a monster assimilating a man they both see in a phone booth.

It sounds like a human moaning. That night as the couple sleeps, a rat bites Machiko on the finger, making her bleed. The episodr watches as the couple leaves and says, “Oh, I see. Annoyed, she leaves the museum and goes back to the hotel where they are staying. Tomoko, whose only friends were her cats, one day becomes friends with Shiratori Azumi, who also loves cats.

On my list for the season: In the yard, Sae is greeted by the old woman from before, who heard her crying, the result of her climbing a tree, only to fall.

Each episode features a different tale based on myths yaji urban legends of Japanese origin. The clown asks if they would like to ride the merry-go-round before leaving as it is free for the person who buys a balloon.


Masuda asks who she is trying to contact, but the woman hangs up. Finally the boys look on and seem to be happy for “Tomonari” before sitting around two shadows in the courtyard.

Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories (TV) – Anime News Network

Panicking, he hides in the closet. He walks down the tunnel, only to find that it seems to go on and on; he can’t even find the path the worker from before had pointed to him.

It’s only when her coughs become more violent do Yukari and Miku try to help. The door behind them opens slowly in the reflection, but when the boy turns around, it is closed. She tosses them into the waste bin, having had enough problems for the evening. Will the characters ever get a good ending for once? Rumi asks why the bird doesn’t come out of the house to which her grandmother explains that it’s the bird’s job to tell the time and won’t come out until the appropriate time.

The last petal is plucked as the girl says “She’ll come. Inside, he finds nothing.

The man suddenly hears his own older voice. He thinks he heard something bubbling discusskon the tank, but can’t see anything in the filthy, murky water.

That’s when the two men realize there’s someone else in the room: Season 2 Mal Title: He can’t understand what his younger self is saying anymore and the stories are starting to become more and more nonsensical and surreal. Tooru looks down on humans as inferior and foolish, but having been saved by Kobayashi-san, she does everything she can to repay the debt and help her with various things, although not everything goes according to plan.