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Focusing The Screen Image Functions For Enhancing Projection Fixed pattern noise looks like lines of dirt, smearing in the image. Table of contents Important Safety Instructions 2. In a darkened room the picture quality is on par with my local Vue Cinema, with just enough grain to give that authentic cine feel and fast motion to shame any brand new machine. But in practice, there is. This is the most informative site I have found to date for side to side comparison of these type of projectors

Using The Menu Functions No ratings or reviews yet. Selecting The Picture Mode The LPX was much quieter than the Sometimes it displays a discontinuous behaviour inside the same film, which might make a vision annoying. Join the conversation about this product Name.

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During movies, the noise was rarely an issue though, and was just barely noticeable in quiet passages. The only problem was the slight presence of vertical banding visible during light scenes like foggy outdoor shots No noticeable screendoor from 1.

When using the projector’s own internal scaler, I saw no degradation in video quality. I have seen some make the mistake of calling it an artifact associated with the screen texturing as it looks like lines of fabric.

I was told when I bought the PJ by Peter Tysons that I should expect the bulb to last hours, with easily possible but when it passed hours to buy a new bulb “just in case”.

The Home Theater projector market has really gone through a big shakeup in the last year. Displaying And Operating Full Menus Can I power off my projector immediately after use? It is well built and not at all noisy.


Yamaha LPX-500 LCD Projector

Color performance was also extremely good, and probably the highlight of the image as a whole. Using The Remote Control Conclusions Overall, the Prouector is a great performing projector with only a few problems.

Don’t have an account? This is the keystone effect. This is a problem that I have seen with every single LCD yamha to date. Please try our search function first. There is no invoice to prove, but I’m estimating I bought it in from Peter Tysons my local dealer.

Displaying A Test Pattern Its pictures remain “digital”, and cannot be considered projetor window on reality; they are beautiful, but not touching. This was remedied by adjusting the flesh tone settings in the picture menu.

This means the projector can produce i via it’s DVI socket. Features Of The Projector 9. AVS Forum articles Contests.

Both have their advantages, and it really comes down to personal preference. By replying to this thread you agree to abide by the trading rules detailed here. Oct 30, at 7: In some scenes, it actually manages to surprise you, exceeding my personal expectations and reproducing a pleasant picture, gifted with some very good reproduction characteristics.

My overall viewing experience was quite good. I have experience with DLP projectors and their limitations, and I was personally using a CRT front projector in my setup prior to receiving the Yamaha.

I was all set to buy one of the LCD Sony TVs at the time when Mr Tyson advised me that a cinema room would be more in keeping with my house and we spent an afternoon demo’ing the options. Cleaning The Lens Black Level Adjustment I and pretty much every person I’ve shown the PJ to have been similarly impressed over the years, my instals the Yamaha has now been in 3 separate houses over the years have been responsible for 4 friends moving into projector instals.


The Yamaha is a projector that will deliver an extremely good image right out of the box with little need for adjustment.

Yamaha LPX LCD Projector | eBay

projectro Then you just save it to whatever memory bank you want. I utilized composite, component, and DVI inputs during my time with the projector. The fans exhaust out the side of the unit which makes placement of the projector rather easy since it can be located closer to a rear wall. On the plus side you have a beautiful image that offers an outstanding user interface.

Colors had a plx vibrant look and no distraction from rainbow artifacts associated with DLP color wheels.

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No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review. Under the conditions I saw yamahq, it rendered the most accurate colours I have yet seen from an LCD projector. As I started setting up the picture, I was happy to see that the projector needed very little work out of the box. Adjusting The Image Angle Using The Menus This is the AV Science Forum.