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So I thought of testing my luck on sister-in-law Sunny. Father died because of you. They meet the caretaker Karunakaran and his sister Oviya who joins them in running the desolate property. Himesh, from the time we have come here strange things are happening. Ladies, you can decide the menu later. Then public will pounce here.

And in karate he is black belt. Tears cannot be seen so what is he wiping. Telugu mp3 Audio CD. What happned to you? I am sure that he is a ghost. I love you my dear. Sister-in-law is a fairy.

Sunny, we were thinking that Reshamiya is doing all this. If we get your father’s property then we both will settle there. Sunny, ask Himesh to leave me. I cannot understand whether I should be happy or sad on seeing them.

Yaamirukka Bayamey (Tamil)

What are you doing Himesh? Will you attend the marriage? I am the inspector of this area. Is he a brother or an enemy?

Yaamirukka Bayamey subtitles Sinhala

Do you think you are a goon by adorning this moustache? First finish the fight of two wives. He must be PT sir of some other school. Sign here and Raj Mahal will be yours. This house is locked. Anyone comes and thrashes me. Out of that you have wasted two days. You look like a maid from looks and brains.


Do you know fairness cream is more expensive than food? The thing is that. Then imagine that you are in jail and hotel on sale.

If you had to die the at least you should have paid the bill. Hey, I will hold the mirror for you. Do I look like a ghost? We will have to take care of him. Suuny and Leone will not let us do anything here.

Okay, so he left in the morning. Before you get suntitles letter I would have died. There will be a problem if I take someone else so I will take Khan. But that day he got thrashed by someone. If she woos you and traps you in her love then what will happen of me. Do you know that by doing acting of death.

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Don’t do this, brother. Do what I have asked you to do.

Reshamiya, everyone has come to know that we dug a trench. What is there to eb ashamed of in serving master?


He did not get me married yet. And on zooming it. Sir, are you really sleeping?

Yaamirukka Bayamey (2014) Sinhala subtitles srt

We did not do anything. You can fight later with broom. Give massage to everyone on road. Stop them before they break each other’s head. Call me whenever you want to dig the trench. Tell me how many customers have you hidden. You will get heart attack, stupid. Himesh, what the subtiyles is this? I will go and do the setting. Post mortem is done after death but when someone is alive.

I very well understand the pain of two wives. Were you hurt badly? The girl cheated him. Hey, who is he? How many days and how many rooms?