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When he fails to get to a Xiaolin Showdown in time to defeat the Cyclops, Clay has lost the Reversing Mirror and Omi uses the Changing Chopsticks on their own, and shrinks to the size of an ant. With Omi stuck in the past, the remaining Xiaolin Apprentices and Jack must find a way to defeat Wuya, until they are captured by her magic warriors. Due to the rough training and hostility with Guan, Raimundo quits and seemingly joins Hannibal Bean. Steven Darancette , Christy Hui creator. When Kimiko removes a layer of soot, it is revealed that it is the Sapphire Dragon, a Shen Gong Wu that turns everything and everyone into sapphire statues which it can control. It is Chinese New Year, and everyone except Omi receives gifts from their families.

After recovering the monks, they challenge Chase to a Xiaolin Showdown. It is Chinese New Year, and everyone except Omi receives gifts from their families. Wuya voice Tara Strong Chase Young voice Susan Silo On Disc at Amazon. The bird takes it to Hannibal Roy Bean, the villain responsible for turning Chase Young evil and who Chase trapped in the Ying-Yang World almost immediately after being turned evil.

Now with one less warrior at the Xiaolin Temple, Wuya, Hannibal Bean and Jack plot to break into the Temple to steal Shen Gong Wu, however, they do not know that they are being closely watched.

He becomes overly studious to outsmart Tubbimura in their next encounter, in which he invokes the Shen Yi Bu Dare, a type of Xiaolin Showdown where two Shen Gong Wu are wagered on each side. Watch our trailer of trailers.

Raimundo Pedrosa voice Wayne Knight When the Xiaolin win it in a Xiaolin Showdown, they bring it back to the temple, not knowing what it is. En route to the Serpent’s Tail, Omi separates from the group and finds himself in the middle of a group of angry street ballers, only to be saved by a kid named Jermaine. When Jack and his Worm-bots arrive, the cavern begins to collapse and deadly spiders appear, forcing both sides to retreat.


Master Fung voice Jason Marsden Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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Jack Spicer voice Grey Griffin If the Xiaolin do not get the Reversing Mirror back in time, Omi will be stuck in his shrunken state, forever.

While on their quest, the Warriors will find their new Wudai Weapons, each chosen for a particular monk. Audible Download Audio Books. In the end, with time restored and the world back to normal, Raimundo becomes the new Shoku Xiaoin, and is named the leader of the Xiaolin Dragons, with everyone happy for him – Omi included.

Omi Town 08 Oct 6. After that, Wuya possesses his body and now the other Xiaolin must save Raimundo from the evil magics of her and the Heylin Comet.

Full Cast and Crew. When the Xiaolin learn that Dyris is an evil siren who wants to flood the world using underwater volcanoes and rule it, they must defeat her in a Xiaolin Showdown to save the Earth.

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It is a soccer game with no Shen Gong Wu involved. Wuya steals Jack’s Rio Reverso and his idea of an army of dinosaurs and she ends up creating an adult T-Rex.

Xiaolin Showdown is an animated television series that originally aired between November 1, and May 13, in the United States. Kimiko manages to get it, but it is soon stolen by the Ying-Ying Bird. Realizing that he needs the Sands of Time, Xiaaolin freezes himself for 80 years to talk to his old self but he realizes that Jack Spicer has conquered the world in his absence.

The episodes are listed in order of their episdoe number with the date that they originally aired on Kids’ WB.

Chase Young is wwuya for an apprentice. His magical actions leave Omi, Kimiko and Raimundo trapped in an invisible box, leaving Clay on his own when it comes to his first-ever Xiaolin Showdown against Jack Spicer. When Omi learns that Jermaine trained under the evil Chase Young, he must defeat his friend in a Showdown to save him. The monks are now Wudai warriors, and they are going on their first Wudai quest.


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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When the Heylin Comet passes by the Earth, the Shen Gong Wu come to life and fuse with Raimundo after he uses some of them to save his town from a volcanic eruption caused by Jack and Wuya. The Xiaolin warriors get a warning epislde Omi’s future self to get the Sands of Time, but when Jack Spicer gets it first, he collects all the most evil people from the past and himself from the future. This page was last edited on 13 Octoberat Wuya voice Tara Strong The bird takes it to Hannibal Roy Bean, the villain responsible for turning Chase Young evil and who Chase trapped in the Ying-Yang World almost immediately after being turned evil.

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The Xiaolin try to retrieve the Shen Gong Wu from Jack Spicer, only to come face to face with their darkest nightmares.

When Omi is left alone to guard Dojo from escaping from a cage, he is tricked into letting him out of his cage and Dojo escapes to wreak havoc on anyone in his way of getting Shen Gong Wu. With the Xiaolin trapped, two Shen Gong Wu reveal themselves that give the user all the knowledge wwuya the world. Share this Rating Title: However, Omi is too trustworthy.

When Omi uses it against Master Fung’s warning, he is divided into three and then five separate people, each with a different part of his personality, and a portion of his strength and intelligence.