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The Dirty Half Dozen Xena provides an opportunity for four prisoners slated for execution to redeem themselves by doing a good service by stopping a warlord that Aries has provided magical Armour for. There’s no greater gift of love a teacher can give a student than that. Reply Parent Thread Link. A Solstice Carol Xena and Gabrielle retell the Dickens classic Christmas story, reimaged in a pagan solstice context, throw in the Santa Claus origins and a splash of born in the manger for good measure. He’ll let the two of them live out their lives, but he will own Xena’s soul for all the rest of time, in her future incarnations. The Story of Gabrielle, a musical series classic! But not humor that is character based or could ever be called “witty. During the wedding ceremony, Xena experiences flashbacks to her previous life.

They ride into the courtyard, chatting, being happy The plot is weak, the characters one dimensional not even two dimensional! The Rheingold Beowulf, the Norse hero, brings Xena a raven padlock, which Xena understand to mean that evil that she wrought needs to be nullified. The loving in this episode is amazing considering Xena and Gabrielle spend very little time around each other. But I have to admit that when the episode began and I saw all these people running around with pig heads, I thought that they had finally made a great looking monster. Any similarity between our story and the classic children’s fairy tale is purely coincidental. The Dirty Half Dozen Xena provides an opportunity for four prisoners slated for execution to redeem themselves by doing a good service by stopping a warlord that Aries has provided magical Armour for.

There is a subtle increase in the interaction between the two main characters which was lacking last season. In fact, now that the trilogy has come and gone, I find it difficult to believethat there may be anybody out there who has any doubts of the true subbtext of Xena and Gabrielle’s relationship. Wow, who can recover from a cliffhanger like that, week after week!

Xena becomes jealous of Brunhilda’s obvious attraction to Gabrielle. Their ship sinking, the Amazons swim to the beachfront under heavy arrow and catapult fire. Gabrielle recovers, and Xena pries a piece of sword out of her side.


As Xena cares for her, Gabrielle grows feverish and hallucinates back to when Xena was hunting her and Hope. And so are you. She thinks it’s what Michael intended.

The god of Eli revokes her ability to kill gods. Xena and Gabrielle pose as assassins to question Bellach on this bounty. A year later, Beowulf visits King Hrothgar and is shocked to discover the memoriless Xena, now called Wealthea, married to the King. The nomads arrive with a Roman they have captured, and whom they plan to torture and kill for the murder. Maybe it’s not even there, maybe it is me projecting onto it, but xeason is working for me.

Ares went to the dogs during the making sason this motion picture.

Season Six

This may be the first time Xena has been the one manipulated that I can think of. Xena gets poisoned, and Gabrielle must take her place in fighting a warlord and protecting a village and the merchant Salmoneus, a. While she does seasoon go through with the actually murder, she then beats him, a scene I find comparable to the scene where Gurkhan’s soldiers beat an incapacitated Xena.

Xena kills Grendel and retrieves the ring. I find this episode insulting. And Gabrielle’s responses to this affection are perfect. Warrior Lesbian to a professional design, rather than the cheesy amateur page you are looking at now.

At the end of the episode, Gabrielle read seazon lines to Xena which subgext written in real life by the poet from the Isle of Lesbos:.

No, Rob, Subtext Did Not Ruin Xena

The reporter then finds Xena in Valhalla, battling Odin. Xena shrugs off the threat that the one who kills Mephistopholes will have to take his place as the ruler of hell. Eli, the suhtext of the god of love — clearly implicated as being the Christian god, brings Episode 2: She then uses the power of the ring to restore Grinhilda.

The Warrior Princess and the Amazon Queen. Brutus saves Xena and Alti is jailed.


So Xena spends the rest of the episode corrupting this seemingly pure arch-angel. Xean all the various tribes have united under Varia and they respond to Eve and her unwanted guard of roman troops with force. Xena was a long running series centered on a positive portrayal of a same-sex romantic partnership, something that has subttext to be duplicated on television.

Xena rescues Gabrielle from the pit, then everyone helps Gabrielle into the shower to wash off the burning liquid. The Sixth and final?

Demon-Gabrielle licks Xena’s hand. Gabrielle eventually arrives only to find that Grendel bested them both and dragged away Xena.

The council votes to xens her. They quickly arrive to help a group of locals who are defending themselves from nomads. The con artists have a side bet where one is trying to get Xena to kiss him — but unlike other episodes where men are temptations, there is no sense at all that Xena is falling for this inside con game.

After six seasons, the adventure series bows out with a two-part storyline set in feudal Japan. She destroys the tapestry, reinstating the proper reality.

Xena leaves the teahouse once he disappears and almost immediately bumps into Gabrielle, who has been searching for her since finding her bloodied Chakram on the battle field.

Xena and Gabrielle: Lesbian Icons

She and Xena embrace. Eve runs off, only to be tormented by watching the floor ooze with blood. The plot is weak at best. Xena rescues Varia, but leashes her to protect her from herself.

Xena sees the desert boy washing Gabrielle’s feet and gives them a disgusted look, then stands and grabs her weapons as if in warning. The amazons dispatch his army while Xena kills Bollerophon.