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I, uh, thought you were I mean, it seemed as though you were, uh, vibing me. Telamericorp spoke to me. This is a good one, it’s good. Tell me what to do. He’s such a fucking tool. We need a sacrifice.

I wish it were softer. We’ve already said too much! What is happening to me?! I’m sorry, Bill, are we not driving you to the hospital right now? I think I know barbeque sauce when I see it. Previous Episode Next Episode. Well Sleepy bye, my little tiger. I’m starting a babysitting service.

Oh, hell, yeah, bitch. I was thinking six myself, just to Really take it in. Except for not the weapon, the book. She she worked here. All right, Ders, you’re not understanding.

I didn’t that’s not barbeque s! This is a good one, it’s good. And it horrog exactly like that! Well Sleepy tekamerican, my little tiger. Uh, yogurt, hummus, purple stuff, sunny d. Okay, yeah, I’m also gonna go to bed soon. Okay, well, I think I’m gonna go to the little boy’s room. I actually did at the end. Anders Holmvik Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Dudes, check it out! Oh, Bill, that’s an office supply.

When you’re a kid, you have a lot of options. Okay, you can’t say the words “children” and “passion” and have your face.


Give me your flask! Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. That dude looks just like my grandpa. Like maybe the dead will rise or, like, the earth will start on fire or something.

Well, I’m very excited to take it in as well. Like ghosts are just flying all o whoa-ho! He used to work here, and Alice kept sexually harassing him. You just said you’re HIV-positive. This guy kill some kids in the basement or something? Of course it’s not a ghost. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Trivia Robert Englund plays the menacing Dr. You want me to kill Montez, don’t you? I’ve already said too much! Keep track of everything you watch; tell horroe friends.

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OK well, I do that to people. Why don’t we go to bed, because we got a super moon that we want to be well-rested for tomorrow. Did he murder somebody? We have to make him a quilt. Bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop.

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That should not be a problem, dude. I can’t go with you, buddy. You put your balls on her head. That’s how that’s how you get HIV! You stofy gotta hit the thing on the back. I’m a strong boy.


Workaholics s03e12 Episode Script

Oh, God damn it, Ders, shove the telescope up your ass! I found the painting in the garbage and I thought I’d freak you out. Did you miss me? Is telamerrican not enough for you?

Because your penis is in use so much, Anders! Robert Englund’s Movies as Actor. I read on a website last night, that, uh, the super moon is a catalyst for paranormal activity. All right, already, Bill! Jillian, hey, come on. You’re not having sex as much as We’re tied for zero, basically. I’m the main office prankster. I don’t ever want to see that portrait again.