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Bring back our Woojung couple, please. January 21, at 6: January 25, at 3: The fact that she just as easily let go for him. Video is either Private or not available this time. See, even EJ rejects holding hand coz he cant differentiate EJ hand with other girl hand. WASH freaking sofa cover in freaking bathroom xD.

Ugh, I need a life. Did he never think before doing something? He doesnt regard her feeling or maybe he has no feeling towards her so he does that thing with ease. This site uses cookies. Twitter Facebook Tumblr Google. January 23, at 9: Those video’s privacy setting has been set to ‘Private’.

Not all Korean viewers are shippers like us, many of them are just watching WGM as any other show — to laugh and relax. I mean, who cant stand?

Downloading Facebook videos using Chrome Extension is super easy. January 22, at 8: Eunjung is a very sociable young lady and she brings out the fun part of him because I have notice that he can be a very serious person — she makes him laugh.

LOL…really you hate it???

Oops! Video is either Private or not available this time.

They seem to be very compatible and comfortable with and around each other and it would be wonderful if they did get together they complement each other very well. Even wiojung MC wanted to help him as seeing him so clumsy. Are you the owner of the video? I do enjoy the other couple too, but I figured why I love Woojung so much. You saw the korean article right?


He was like shut up she is starting when she was doing her individual shot when the other MC was talking. I thought this episode was beyond hilarious! It is the same method which have been explained on the top of this page:.

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Woojung…may god bless u 04 of luv…. Learn more here about changing the privacy settings of the video. He bled the red into the white oh my that a no no — should have called him mom first before starting anything.

February 1, at 2: You are commenting using your WordPress. He must not have ever ever done any laundry in his entire life before — it was hilarious to me — I was laughing myself silly. Now I do wonder what is the name douple by EunJung for Jangwoo. Is the video shared with you? Those video’s privacy setting has been set to ‘Private’.


I find it cute on how jw a. If he has that habit I bet he wont have long time relationship with girl. Download Buttons appears below every videos or on the videos.

Install Chrome Extension and download Facebook videos.

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Depending upon the following conditions, different mehtod will be involved to download the video: So after the subs were released, it means that Eunjung was really jelly about the kiss scene Jangwoo had in his Drama?!

Walking around leisurely doing random stuff while still on the phone with one another. January 21, at 6: OK in last episode 39? They can really discover any details from the episode. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here March 30, at I love this episode — it was hilarious with Jungwoo. You catch extra flies with epispde than with vinegar. There are so many videos on Facebook which are not available for public viewing.