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Chaos ensues and brings out Well, like others have said before me, FOX can go to Hell. Bring back Entertainment and get rid of the idiotic ‘reality’ shows you want to shove in our faces. Mahandra often functions as her friend’s voice of reason, even to the extent of warning Jaye away from Eric, fearing that her friend will only break his heart. Fortunately, it’s now available on DVD! There is an alternate version of the first episode “Wax Lion”. The Financial Ramifications of Finding Treasure.

The order below is how they are presented on the DVD release. I love this show patchesm27 16 October You never knew where it was going to go. And simply hearing a description won’t do it justice. Jaye Tyler 14 episodes, I sure as Hell won’t be watching there. I am however happy that they released the series DVD’s. The pilot episode, “Wax Lion”, received a higher Nielsen rating when it was repeated the Thursday after its premiere, and the show was moved from a Friday night time slot to Thursday.

The story focus in Jaye Tylera cynical girl that is unhappy with all in her life: Mahandra McGinty 13 episodes, Jeffrey R.

It quickly moved to 1 on my TiVo and I became emotionally invested in the characters. Wikiquote has quotations related to: She has no choice but do as they say or they’ll bug the hell out of her by singing her casy off.

While only guest stars, I do want to talk about two other characters. My favorite episode is ‘Cocktail Bunny’. Wonderful Show WHY did they axe it?!! Despite having fallen in love with Jaye, her refusal to admit her feelings caused by the warnings of the muses, rather than her own inclination leads him to remarry Heidi and decide to leave Niagara. I suggest this series for all ages.

Jaye not only keeps Sharon’s secret from everyone else, she even helps her out on aonderfalls when someone particularly their parents comes close to discovering nembers truth. Prev Article Next Article. Aaron Tyler 13 episodes, Comedy-drama Fantasy [1] [2]. This show had the rare combination of great writing, acting and directing.

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The show is giddy over itself, eager to get to the next wacky twist. The Fox network aired four one-hour episodes of the series before cancelling it, though thirteen episodes had been completed.


After debuting on FOX, Wonderfalls was praised by critics, but it never found an audience. Mahandra McGinty 13 episodes, Later in the series Mahandra begins a secret relationship with Jaye’s brother, Aaron, membegs she desperately tries to conceal from Jaye and the rest of the Tyler wonderfzlls.

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It’s the thing that says “You’re on here, opposite Monday Night Football Whereas JoA has a painful tendency of falling into a soppy family drama — tears and revelations and tight embraces and fluffy bunnies wonderfalps Wonderfalls is constantly slick and on top of it.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. When Jaye asks him to gather all eonderfalls the animals, he attempts to talk to them himself, exhibiting membrs desire to be proven wrong about his belief that there is no higher power. Without any prodding from the animals, Jaye befriends a shut-in from the trailer park after she inadvertently hurts his feelings.

When Aaron sees her, she breaks down, and Jaye and the other Tylers see them kissing. I picked up on the series on Sky one who seemed to do the same thing – I could never figure out when it was next on so finally bought the DVD from the States. This series is about a college-graduate girl, Jaye, who has chosen to live in a trailer park and work at a gift shop in her hometown. Writing is straight forward and well mdmbers dialog. Dhavernas steals our hearts in a way Joan of Arcadia’s Amber Tamblyn has never been able to manage.

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Go out and buy Wonderfalls The premise of the show is that inanimate objects begin to talk to Jaye our protagonist. One likes to take these new shows and give them a place to live and grow, to go beyond the normal, dare I say crap, we see on TV.

Learn more More Like This. While Eric’s wife Heidi tries to win him back, Jaye tries to listen to the voice and stay out of the situation, even though acst is difficult for her. Full Cast and Crew.


The Financial Ramifications of Finding Treasure. Seriously, I’ve said it before, why is Two and a Half Men still on the air–no wait, let me rephrase the question The show’s creator, Bryan Fulleralso created Dead Like Mewhich may explain some of the similarities between the two shows; for example, the slacker female protagonist with a csst male name stuck in a dead-end job. Grandpa Sam Dracula is essentially Dracula who assembled Herman because no man was good enough for his daughter Lily, a sexy vampiress.

She debates if God or Satan is speaking to her and thus also debates her sanity, but can’t bring herself to ignore the animals’ biddings.

Was this review helpful wonderfqlls you? As the series progresses, Jaye becomes more willing to follow the muses’ instructions, although she fights them when they make her do things she doesn’t like, such as driving Eric back into the memgers of his wife.

There are simply so many reasons that this show resonates with me and I suspect others. TV Series to update. Despite being extremely caustic and a deliberate underachiever, Jaye’s life takes an odd turn when various muses, in the form of animal objects, begin talking to her and delivering cryptic instructions.

Anyone who appreciates good humour, smart story lines, and possibly the crispiest, most dedicating acting ever, must give this show which is now out on DVD!

She misreads the signs that the voices give her, which leads to her alienating Eric. Aaron is the most easygoing cazt his siblings, exhibiting a laconic attitude toward his family and toward Mahandra’s tension over their burgeoning relationship although her refusal to acknowledge it doesn’t seem to deflect his interest in her, or in legitimizing their relationship.