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And where do you imagine other wolfbloods meeting each other in general? Does this mean war? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here You creating wolfblood honestly changed my life. A range of merchandise is slowly being rolled out. January 17, at 6: At a guess, it takes between five and six working days to shoot an episode, depending on how many moves between locations, how many stunts, and how many complicated scenes there are. I don’t like those shows I’m too old for CBeebies.

I just thought there was more we could do with her — and having a scientist with a lab is always useful for storylines! Rhydian finds a box of stolen designer clothes in the woods and starts selling them around the school. See also TV Schedule. He is, however, sympathetic when Shannon explains how years ago she saw a wolfblood and has been trying to find more evidence ever since. We have occasionally recast very minor roles when it was unavoidable usually because an actor became unavailable at very short notice , but we would never do it with a major role. What about the motion comic on the CBBC website? Sign in or register to add this to My Shows.

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January 17, at 4: A ragged small boy, Bryn, approaches Rhydian in the wood, claiming to be his brother Bryn and asking him to return to Ceri and waych pack though Rhydian is reluctant. The Girl from Nowhere. But right now, they show no signs of doing so….

Rhydian is suspected of wrecking the art exhibition, but Maddy suspects one of her best friends could be behind it. Maddy has a cold and is given a tablet but it contains wolfsbane and she is in danger of transforming. Everyone involved with Wolfblood to date is listed at. Questions about — Season Six Will there be a sixth season?


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Rhydian, unknown to anybody Sorry, that did get off topic. Looking for CBeebies shows? The wolves are computer-animated by our special effects company Trixter, for seasonsand Jellyfish for onlihe 4 and 5.

I wish some of these old fans of the show from here would join and write with me as some of them seem like they miss the show just as much as I do. I do fall into the category of adult fan and i am not ashamed to admit it the writing was amazing and the issues that were dealt with speak to a lot of people, we all feel like we dont fit in like myself or wish we could fit in.

Wolfblood – Season 1 Episode 7 – Dark Moon. I know the show has been cancelled and all, but I really wish that there was something that us as fans can do to bring it back…. A Quiet Night In. Maddy discovers a new wolf sense and can’t get enough of it, but will this new obsession destroy her?

Wow, I noticed how many comments recently have started with or included somewhere that they were returning on the FAQ to talk to you as old fans who used to come by, and I had to be a part of this flood of reminiscers because I miss wolfblood a lot.

A range of merchandise is slowly being rolled out. Check out local colleges: Schoolgirl Maddy Smith is a wolfblood, daughter of parents who turn into wolves not werewolves at full moon, which will be her destiny when she is older.

Can wolfbloods have human children, and vice versa? Season 1, Episode 3 – Wolfblood: Create Account Forgot Password.

Wolfblood and buffy are my biggest loves and tv show bones which has angel in it weirdly enough! On iPlayer On Choose an episode.

Maddy decides she must protect him, not just for his own sake but to stop him wolfbloood her family’s secret and claims he is a distant cousin come to visit. Number of comments 28 Number of loves Unless wolfbpood have UK or EU citizenship, or some other legal right to madxy in the UK, it would be against the law for us to cast you in the show. When Rhydian phones Maddy to tell her she arrives in an angry mood, out-dances Kay and shows her up when Kay tries to humiliate her.


Jana becomes a suspect. Can you pass on a message to the cast for me?

This site uses cookies. January 17, at 3: On the same night that Maddy and Rhydian rashly decide to transform in the woods Kyle Weathers, a self-proclaimed ‘beast hunter’ who has read Shannon’s blog arrives in town and gets her and Tom to show him the woods where the Wolfbloods run, eventually caging the pair. Every community has its big events and rituals.

November 2, at Shes Maddy Smith and shes a wolfblood. Tubi is a registered trademark of Tubi, Inc. Obviously Wolfblopd would follow up on the hints in the final scene, but beyond that….

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Who is threatening the Wolfbloods? She controls them back into the cellar – her eyes flashing golden – who is this girl?

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Season 1, Episode 13 – Wolfblood: How do you do the yellow eyes?

Which University did Dr Whitewood go to when she was younger?