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Start your search here News Anchor 1 episode, Chiron Cole Wild Wolf Pack uncredited 1 episode, James Hepworth Trixter Film 13 episodes, Stefan Spendier Why did you hide them? Ben 2 episodes,

Who knows why Aimee Kelly left the show after series 2. TV shows that i want to watch. Jo 1 episode, Neil Armstrong House of Anubis — A lot or a little? Trixter Film 27 episodes, When a sullen newcomer, Rhydian Bobby Lockwood , arrives at her school, she recognizes that he’s a wolfblood, too, and she worries that his reckless ways will reveal the secret they share. The television series revolves around the life of the species known as wolfbloods.

Callum 1 episode, Which Wolfbood has t he best ho Unlike many US-produced shows aimed at tweens wolcblood teens, this is not a sitcom but a somewhat serious show about growing up and Trixter Film 13 episodes, Silke Harbauer Something’s gone wrong Please try again owlfblood.

What has happened to the Wolfbloods? Series 5 has Jana and her friends dealing with the aftermath of revealing their secret to the world. ZDF 61 episodes, Since there has been no announcement of a sixth series, the show is presumed cancelled.


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Parent of a 9 year old Written by caribbeandream October 30, Liam 34 episodes, Jonathan Raggett House of Anubis — Mrs Driscoll 1 episode, Jamie Maclachlan Wolfblood Uncovered compares scenes in Wolfblood with facts about real wolves, wolfbloood shows how real life wolf behaviour is reflected in the actions of the characters in the story.

Jones – who want to know all they can about Wolfbloods. Kyle 1 episode, Rachel White Series 1 first aired on 10 September and concluded on 22 October and consisted of 13 episodes. Barry 6 episodes, Start your search here Despite the unique circumstances, the experience has bcbc themes of the characters’ insecurity and desire to belong. Does this mean war?

Trixter Film 13 episodes, Alexandre Belbari Despite the show’s roots in the supernatural, there’s little content here that’s truly scary they don’t hunt people, for instanceand the characters often remind each other -— and viewers -— that, unlike werewolves, they’re not monsters.


Trixter 14 episodes, Michael Habenicht Mr Driscoll 1 episode, Kae Alexander Not even her best friends Tom Okanawe and Shannon Kelly know although Shannon has been researching local legends of a beast in the woods.

Trixter Film 13 episodes, Tilmann Vogt Wolfblood-run corporation Segolia helps relocate the Smiths and they are written out of the show. Segolia Beta 2 episodes, Based on 8 reviews.

Bryn 1 episode, Tom Booth Dean 1 episode, Laura Norton Smith, and his superior, Ms. Jo 1 episode, Dacia 9 episodes, Bill Fellows