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Sometimes when the end of the race comes you are not sure about the result. It has hardly rained at all the entire year. I hate ending the season that way. Sugar Camp is in the running for being the best. That one really teaches you to control all of those things. Ride the Strade Bianche citizen race. The dirt is incredible, the loop is more than 14 miles long, it is a huge event, it has more than motorcycles on the course at once etc… But, it also signifies the end of the summer and winter is coming. Wet from the river and through the dust equals a layer of filth at the end.

Wixc end of season official results. I ended up having just a spectacular race. If you expect that Liz is going to let you keep racing that thing, or hang out with her on a mountain bike trail, you had better figure it out, and fast! February 10 at 2: Notify me of new comments via email. How long has it been since that was all I did for the weekend? Also pretty rusty with my technique, balance, and reaction time. After the Cecil mudder, it did not look at all good.

But, it is also one of the things that keeps the fields smaller than either I or Rick would hope for. This is how close Pete and I have been for much of the season. Let me know what you think.

I had glasses, but that was mostly because I was having some trouble seeing road signs at night — night vision I called it. I have my XCF that I am completely rebuilding to get another year out of it. I used to really dislike mud. Watch the first minute or 2 of this video and you will see how I had a great off the line start, but Pete pulled past me going down the long straight.


When the flag went up, I shot forward, but then quickly got shuffled back to about 10 th when we entered the woods.

I have included a video of Shane doing it first then me doing it both directions. They are just 2hours long and you have to lay it down hard and fast at the beginning of the race. Grinding, meaning one wheel on each side wuxc the log so that you are traveling down the length of the serise, but your bike is going sideways.

Then we set up the cones in rows with the cones about 30 feet apart on the row, and the rows about 60 feet apart. I plan to ride there every week from now through the summer. Ride the Loose Moose Enduro. Makes me want to quote Pearl Jam or something or other. There is no better, even if there is a reset Pete. How rough you ask? This is not a story about Lions or Totem Poles, after all — I sfries a good fist fight as well as the next Fella.

I babied it for that lap and tried not to rev the bike too high, that resulted in loosing 4th wiscohsin battling with the 5th place guy. Lotsa great hills on a small midwest ski hill. It is nice for crying out loud. I am a list maker.

He owns a fabulous piece of property with a bunch of fun woods sandy woods, and a vast area of former cranberry bogs that are now just football field size areas filled with 6 inches of beach sand. Notify me of new comments via email.

I promise you I have lots of bad habits. He followed me for some of the 2nd lap, but then I put my head down with a 2nd wind and took off. My suspension completely was absolute magic for the 1st part of the race, and then went away completely by the end of the race.


If it wasbeing a jetting expert would be part of man code. But, things have turned out pretty well this year. I came around to the scoring tent in 4th still.

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But, the mud, the crowds of riders and the hills await to decide my fate. Notify me of new posts via email. I do not know about that. Sure, I am not really a motocrosser, but who cares.

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Of course I regretted that, as by the end of the season I could barely ski faster than him. But, each day we are gaining about 1.

But, after a huge refresh — that bike also feels as good as new. Meanwhile, of course the front of the race is going away from me.

New WIXC series

Joe’s Instagram 8 full Birdies in the book now. My teammate Scott is always willing to help, but he has his own challenges that he is focusing disconsin. To be fair, Pete was not there so it was not really a dual for us there. The problem is that, I think you start to rely on having fantastic sight. Did my first wixc event yesterday.

Cool pic from Denmark wixc harescramble. Ride a race with Russel.