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In Meridian, Elyon is at the full potential of her powers and excitedly prepares for tomorrow’s coronation. A mystical horn, that turns its victims, into zombie-like “Trance Marchers! The race is on to keep Napoleon away from Nerissa, and the girls are able to walk around in Guardian form because of the holiday. Hay Lin and her grandma move from one dimension to another, trying to flee from the Knights of Destruction and Nerissa. He needs symbols of Elyon’s body, mind, and spirit. Hay Lin gives Mr.

It turns out Collins is not the beast. Final exams coincide with a test of cosmic strength, as the Guardians hold the future of the Universe in their hands. With Blunk’s help, Caleb tries to map the tunnel system to the castle’s dungeon, but the reconnaissance mission goes wrong and Blunk is left behind on Meridian. Miranda betrays Phobos and does not free him. Caleb reveals to Cornelia his intentions to stay in Meridian and serve Elyon. In the UK version, the train yard scene was partially edited out, due to it maybe shadowing domestic abuse to the viewers, as it shows a male character Shagon brutally overwhelming, fighting and defeating the female characters W.

In the B-story, Will needs some privacy.

The Guardians are taken by surprise by their new powers: The Oracle then appears to them, asking to claim back the Heart because of distrust and absence of harmony amongst the girls.

Will and the rest of the girls try to tell Elyon the truth about Phobos and Meridian, but that becomes very hard when Phobos teaches his sister to make ghostly images of herself to confuse her former friends and the rebels. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Caleb reveals to Cornelia his intentions to stay in Meridian and serve Elyon.

Shagon manages to trick Will and makes her believe a lie. The Altermere becomes good and is almost destroyed by Nerissa but Will absorbs it into herself in order to let its feelings, memories and emotions “live inside Will’s mind.


W.I.T.C.H. / Heartwarming – TV Tropes

Caleb does something to shake Elyon’s faith in her new brother: Most of these episodes are based on the first two arcs of the W. Unbeknownst to the girls, Phobos knows they are trapped epiosdes sends Frost the Hunter after them.

The Guardians must rally together, to keep their friend, Will, from moving – while each is plagued by life-and-death nightmares, involving an “old hag”.

Huggles to meet Napoleon, and more chaos ensues. It is Will’s thirteenth birthday and she does caelb want a party. Cedric reveals to Elyon that her parents are beasts, and that she is the Princess of Meridian.

Will hires Blunk to spy on Sarina. During this episode, Cornelia reveals her power of being tall and Irma reveals her new ability of changing the colors of clothing. He flees, saying he has found what he needs.

annd After things are cleared up, Elyon decides to finish the rest school year, Caleb accompanying her. The other girls follow, Elyon, Caleb and Lillian included.

Hay Lin begins to wear braces on her teeth.

In the B-story, Caleb is trying to show the girls that he can have fun. While Matt convinces Caleb to train him to become more useful to the group, Mr.

At one point they get into a potentially dangerous situation, and the result ensues in an all out argument. The real Elyon is upset that she didn’t bring her sketchbook from Earth, so Phobos sends Lurdens through a portal to her old bedroom to fetch it.

Meanwhile, as it is Halloweenthe one night in the year when a Heart can be taken by force, the Guardians have to protect Napoleon, as he is Lillian’s familiar. The girls then apologize to one another and stop arguing.


Sondra steals Matt from Will, and the two girls compete in a one-on-one skiing competition. Unknown to them, Phobos wants to take advantage of this trip to divide them and separate the other four Guardians from Will and the Heart of Kandrakar. Caleb agrees to help Matt train, to become a warrior – in exchange, Matt helps him survive high school. Taranee starts thinking she will turn into an “invisible girl” again, and begins to act up at school.

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Only they are interrupted xnd a distress call is heard from Meridian: Phobos convinces the Guardians to release Cedric and Miranda for more protection.

Hay Lin gets cornlia into a Trance Marcher. After Cedric swallowed Phobos, thus gaining the power of Nerissa’s seal, he decides with Miranda to seek revenge on everybody. In a subplot, Caleb and Blunk are fighting against the other Knights of Vengeance. She heads back to her place of comfort: The coronation was changed to today; Phobos will drain Elyon’s powers.

Nerissa and the others meet Frost. In the subplot, after Taranee’s mother forbids her from seeing Nigel, Taranee decides to turn herself into a bad girl to rebel. There is fresh water in a nearby lake inhabited by an elusive creature called the Kaithim, which the Guardians have to battle.

While Irma is trying to organize a concert for hit singer Vance Michael Justin, Caleb learns csleb Nerissa is his mother and confronts her in her hideaway at Mount Thanos.

Characters Comics TV series episldes of episodes Video game. The Heart leads them to find its keeper.