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He is interrupted by Jorgen, who takes his fairy godparents away and sends Timmy home. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Why you should watch the Oscars, True Detective and more! Eliminators and The Darkness invade Yugopotamia—a planet that is home to squid-like aliens called Yugopotamians—and steal “fake-i-fiers”, belts that allow users to transform into anyone else. The writers originally did not intend to feature Kiss in Wishology. Add the first question. Queen Jipjorulac voice Dionne Quan

After being blown into a bubble from a kid’s mouth, Cosmo takes Wanda and Poof with him as he floats away. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Turbo Thunder saves Timmy and Mark from the corrupting planet, and the three eventually arrive at the Blue Moon, where the rock guardian grants Timmy the second wand. The rock band Kiss made a guest appearance in the trilogy. He surrounds the Earth with a steel casing, which transforms the M. Timmy heads into space with the Destructinator following him; the Destructinator attacks him, which sends him back down to the Earth, at its north polar region. Setting their differences aside, everyone cooperates and boards Dark Laser’s death pod and depart into space.

He is interrupted by Jorgen, who takes his fairy godparents away and sends Timmy home. They plant explosives inside Earth and give the Destructinator a detonation remote. Timmy wakes up in what looks like his bedroom; in reality he is still inside The Darkness, and the world is merely an illusion to him. This page was last edited on 30 Januaryat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Wishology received mixed reception from critics. Composer Guy Moonwho has worked throughout the series, won an Annie Award for his music in the first part of the trilogy in Full Cast and Crew.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Along with the white wand at Fairy World, the ice wands create a celestial smile that projects its light into The Darkness. Series creator and executive producer Butch Hartman wrote Wishologyalong with head writer and executive producer Scott Fellows and writer Kevin Sullivan, who joined the series beginning its fifth season.


In addition to the regular cast and Kiss, Wishology features other guest performances. Turnerare voiced by Daran Norris. The Fairly OddParents episode.

The smile transforms it into a bright sun, The Kindness, and Timmy concludes The Darkness was only looking for a friend. He noted Turbo Thunder was “hilariously pretentious and self-serving”, and he “ultimately makes the second chapter [“The Exciting Middle Part”] a whole lot better by acting as a frenemy with similar goals.

Jorgen von Stranglea non-floating fairy general who uses an oversized wand, takes him to the Cave of Destiny, a cave that contains prophecies for the “chosen one”. Add to Watchlist Added.

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He suggested it was only “moderately entertaining”, saying it is “just another over-exerted animated epic of an over-extended property. Jorgen saves him, and the two arrive at Fairy World.

Search for ” Wishology! Cosmo, Jorgen von Strangle, and Timmy’s dad Mr.

The Greatest Films wisohlogy Eileen Cruz of Toon Zone mainly praised it. Timmy and his fairies return to the Blue Moon via M. Timmy must find the second wand, located at the Blue Moon.

Wishology! “The Exciting Middle Part”

The second 55 produces no effect, and Timmy realizes he has no other choice, so he sacrifices himself into The Darkness, after sharing a kiss with his long-term crush Trixieleaving the others to mourn. The fairies arrive and use their magic to remove the Earth’s metal casing.

Rock and Roll Mystery. Lead Eliminator voice S. She cannot think of too many other bands that “could exist in such a universe with such an exaggerated reality”. Views Read Edit View history. Movies That I Have Watched incomplete.


Timmy’s fairy godparents and Jorgen come to rescue him, and they exit The Darkness successfully. Setting their differences aside, everyone cooperates and boards Dark Laser’s death pod and depart into space. The Fairly OddParents 10 Seasons TV-Y The zany, fast-paced adventures of a year-old boy and his fairy godparents, who inadvertently create havoc as they grant wishes for their pint-sized charge.

The Final Ending — Cast”. The ancient fairies also hid a powerful white epsiode, which is to be found and possessed by episose chosen one, Wiishology Turner. Edit Did You Know? Grow Up, Timmy Turner!

The cast of Wishology includes all of the main characters of The Fairly Oddparents. At the Cave of Destiny, Jorgen explains to Timmy the cave prophecy, where in ancient times fairy warriors, represented by stars in eisode, fought and eliminated The Darkness with light. Timmy learns he merely slowed down The Darkness and now wishhology must seek a second wand to defeat this evil force.

Jorgen explains a legend inscribed on the cave wall about the ancient fairy warriors who fought Eliminators and their master, a giant black hole called The Darkness.

Wishology centers on the show’s main character, year-old Timmy Turnerhis fairy godparents Cosmo and Wandaand his baby fairy godbrother Poofall of whom grant Timmy’s wishes. Married at First Sight 6. Breakin’ da Rules Eipsode Showdown.