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Sky then finally gives Bloom the pendant. Redfountain is having a scooter show. Unfortunately, the Trix are searching for the Lilo as well to strengthen their own powers. Trollz Link goes to you tube. Where can you watch the winx club season 1 episode 22? The Winx Club hold a benefit concert to help clean up the oil spill. The Winx find that the Lilo is in the possession of Macy, Mitzi’s younger sister. Aisha and Tecna get into a fight and Bloom stops them as they have to work together to obtain the second Sirenix gem.

The Winx train in the aviary which leads up to saving Flora because of a mess Stella made. The Day of the Rose Watch: You Tube has it on now. Helia and Flora are still on the rocks, with Flora mad at him for his actions. Where Can you find season 3 winx club episodes in English? No you can’t anymore because rainbow inc. The season finally is called “Fire and Ice”. The Search for the Flame Watch:

The Sirenix Guardians grant them a new transformation, Harmonix, coub help them with their quest. They split up into two teams: Tecna later returns to Timmy and they share a moment together and come to realise that it is indeed nice to spend time together.

Poppixie World of Winx. Slim City Sailor Moon episode 5: Faragonda discusses the danger of Sirenix with them and asks them to represent Alfea at a competition in Graynor.

The Dating Game Seasoon Date with Disaster Watch: Trollz Link goes to you tube. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it?


Realizing they need Tecna’s aid, Musa contacts her; and Tecna goes to help her best friends. The Great Witch Invasion Watch: Faragonda gathers everybody into her office and tells everyone they need to prepare the Winx Club to fully master their Sirenix powers to defeat Tritannus.

Tritannus escapes from prison with the help of the Trix after absorbing the pollution from the oil spill. Well this website has it in English and only has season 1 and 3 here is the address: Trying to obtain 55 gem of self-confidence, the Winx search in the oceans of Stella’s home world, Solaria. Where to watch winx club season 3 episode 13? The Winx find it difficult to stop her, but they manage to remove the phone from Tecna’s chest and she is restored to normal, and the Winx find the Sirenix Book.

Will there be a season 3 of the winx club? You actually like this show?

Winx Club Season 5 Beyond Believix Episode 1 The Spill HQ

Much their dismay they send the whales after the Winx causing a horrible sound. Into the Woodz Watch: After finally managing to activate the Emperor’s throne, Tritannus is losing control of his powers and himself, and even turns against Icy. Bloom tries to get Sky to remember by giving him the rose of positive.

Aisha learns that the monster is her cousin, Tritannus. Daphne urges the Winx to look for the eye of inspiration, but they don’t know what it is or where to find it.


Redfountain is having a scooter show. While helping one of the workers, Sky drops the pendant of Eraklyon into the sea, which he was going to give to Bloom. You Eeason has it on now. Back at the Domino palace, Flora gives it back to Sky, which restores his memory. Stella succeeds in gaining her Sirenix spell, The Light of Sirenix, which sends Tritannus’ mutants packing. Where can you watch the winx club season 1 episode 1?

On Earth, Tritannus turns the garbage island into a ravaging monster that causes panic in Gardenia. Meanwhile, the Winx Club have collected all three gems of Sirenix and obtain the Sirenix power, and they enter the Infinite Ocean. To begin their quest, they aeason first find mystical gems known as the Gem of Self-confidence, the Gem of Empathy, and the Gem sewson Courage.

Where can you watch winx club season 3 episode 22

Cruise Blues Sailor Moon Episode 9 part 3: The events of this season and episode are followed by The Mystery of the Abyss movie. To protect her friends from the Sirenix curse, Bloom and Serena go on a mission to find the Shark’s Head, where Politea lives.

It heals the Winx, and they win the competition.