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The title, it became clear, worked on two levels in an episode that largely operated on two tracks. Santana starts to distrust Brody, as she thinks he is hiding something and after she confronts him at NYADA, she is asked by Rachel and Kurt to move out. Rachel worries when Cassandra finds out about her Funny Girl audition, but is surprised when Cassandra changes her attitude towards her. Artie suffers a head injury in which he slips on ice and has an epiphany through a dream sequence in which he reflects what may have happened if he never was in a wheelchair and glee club never formed. Executive producer Falchuk stated that season four will not revolve around relationships as much as past seasons, commenting, “Relationships in general will be less of a focus this year, I personally think a lot of these characters are more interesting not in relationships. Glee Adds More Sugar in Season 4”. Retrieved June 4,

The Ohio portion of the show will feature a number of new characters. New Directions prepare for and perform at Sectionals with dramatic results. The Puckermans, including half-brothers Puck and Jake and their mothers, come together for Chanukah. Finn confronts Brody because of Rachel. Retrieved May 18, The show’s major couples face serious problems in their relationships: Back in the recording studio”.

Ryder finally discovers who Katie is. Maybe Glee, like Rachel, has realized it has to be true to itself. Kevin MacLellan who’s based in Los Angeles will now move to London aeason he oversees sales, networks and production.


Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Retrieved February 29, Archived from the original on March 11, Sam and Blaine also investigate a possibility of The Warblers cheating at Sectionals. Tina’s infatuation with Blaine reaches a tipping point and she comes to a realization.

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Retrieved September 15, Retrieved October 1, Rachel continues to struggle in adjusting to life at NYADA and in New York, as well as the constant tormenting of Cassandra, but gets help from new friend and classmate Brody.

As of April 19,after 19 of 22 episodes in the wgen, the season had averaged a 3. Class Acte.

For their weekly assignment, Will gives the kids the theme “Last Chance” in the hopes their fear of the impending disaster will inspire them to live each day as if it could glwe their last. Guy in Her Life”. McKinley High loses power, and New Directions performs acoustically while electricity is unavailable.

The Ohio portion of the show will feature a number of new characters. Finn begins to settle into his new life as a college student at The University of Lima. Love the show and will miss all the good peeps.

Retrieved June 18, Meanwhile, Marley and Jake try to tell each other what they really feel. Marley’s Mother to Recur in Season 4″. Retrieved July 24, Schue look at her original music as an alternative for Regionals. Planning a great two-part Thanksgiving episode. But for this one hour, it seemed that Glee could make its balancing act between New York and Ohio work. FX renews its funny animation spy show Archer for a 3rd season of 16 episodes.


Two actresses appeared in multi-episode guest-starring arcs as part of the New York sequences: Finn confronts Brody because of Rachel. A tribute to the film Love, Actually with five different storylines all dealing with the holidays.

After her return to New York, Rachel gets what appears to be bad news. But I can’t wait to go back again. Archived from the original on October 7, Retrieved 11 February Retrieved July 31, Retrieved December 15, She’ll Be A ‘Legendary Diva ‘ “.

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Finn starts to contemplate his future with the glee in upon their loss and dwtv disbanding. E EntertainmentE News. Kitty and Marley develop a ‘friendship’ as Marley continues to ail. Retrieved September 22, Retrieved May 3, I hope this proves I’m the real Lauren!

Retrieved May 15, Retrieved August 20, ArcherFox FX. So tired after a long day at McKinley High. Retrieved from ” https: Co-creator Brad Falchuk revealed that Damian McGinty Rory would not be returning in the fall but stated he could return in the spring.