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Again gentlemen, thanks for all your assistance. Other times the boiler runs fine for multiple hours and sometimes days without the problem occurring. Find all posts by Mithrandir I recommend against doing so. The C terminal should have 24 VAC to it whenever the thermostat is calling for heat. Thermostat Replacement – Braeburn

But you are not getting that. Leave the test meter on the pressure switch terminals, since we already know that when the gas valve does not open, that you are not getting volts to it. I’ll order the controller on Monday. I didn’t check to see if that motor requires periodic oiling or not. Well, one more evening of trouble shooting later Yes, I was checking voltage between the terminals and ground.

Questions on wiring a v compressor.

Visual part doesn’t seem to be in sync with the audio part. Guaranteed by Mon, Mar 4. I am going to watch it closely this week to be sure this fixed it but I am guessing it likely has.

Unbranded More from this Seller. The name plate shows model of “HE-4”. What does voltage to MV to common or metal ground say, when the gas valve is not jumpered but wel allowed to run normal – when you have had to tap to try to get the gas valve to go?

Dishwasher install questions electrical. New other see details. I’ve had trouble with those pin-type terminal connectors already, if say you have some of those instead of just all spade connectors.

Take a close look and see if there are oil holes. You may not post new threads.

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Going to have to bite the bullet on the controller and pray. Can I repair a hole on wrought iron post? Find all posts by ecman If that is what is happening, then your rapping is probably jarring something else. Could this be the controller? Posted In Water Heaters. Skip mdlain main content. Find all posts by SeattlePioneer.


Have good voltage going to the controller from the NO terminal mclaim the pressure switch. Take some comfort that ALL those systems will be renewed with a new ignition control, reducing the probability of further problems for years to come.

Weil-McLain VHE Series 3 Control Supplement

Thanks for all your troubleshooting tips guys, I appreciate it. Item Location see all. From time to time it works fine without having to tap on anything. However, they said if it is working with the hoses connected then it is fine. All Auction Buy It Now. I don’t want to just start replacing parts. Beckett More from this Seller. Voltage on my water pipes. So, until I find the real problem But just make sure first that with your pressure switch tests, that you leave your meter probes on there 45 seconds, or after teh Vge goes out, to be absolutely certain that when that valve does not get juice, that the pressure switch is not shutting off.

I’ll report back once Veh get the new switch installed I have tried tracking voltage with a multimeter but haven’t been successful swries getting a good reading. Weil Mclain vhd Series. Weil Mclain 68 Series. Are you sure you plugged them back where they came from on the boiler end? Boards and modules do fail quite often. Guaranteed by Sat, Mar 2. The reason I mention this again is from a post of your where you said that when you had 26 volts from NO -C, that you did not get any gas valve voltages Is that red wire on the pressure switch hanging on for dear life?


What is the easiest way to test it? Originally Posted by Mithrandir If the pilot light wasn’t strong enough it wouldn’t keep the gas valve engaged. Put it all back together, and problem still exists. Please provide a valid price range. The system uses a pilot light instead vne sparker. It seems like I may have them reversed? I’d start by using an AC voltmeter to identify whether the pressure switch is energized on both sides closed or only one side open when you are having this problem.

How can Cmlain check the low fire position? Posted In Thermostatic Controls. Ok, reading through the HSI manual Fenwal hot surface ignition system it seems like somewhere between step 3 45 second ignitor heat up and step 4 7 second trial for ignition a valve opens – low fire position b power to ignitor off, somthing is going awry. Yes, I was checking voltage between the terminals and ground.

This wfil a used item which has been throughly tested and guaranteed to work perfectly. Spread the pins on the connector to the controller.