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Stevie’s at Music Land. It’s good to see you. It’s, uh — it’s a drink. Is this the one? Good luck with your explosives. Just heading to the bus stop.

Hi, Shelby — Sorry, Mrs. Three-bedrooms are really expensive. Oh, you’re just hatin’ ’cause you never knew I had such a fine ass. Let me wash them first. There’s a spare key on the nail. Stevie — I’d like to see him now. No sofa dunk shots.

English subtitles for TV show Weeds – S07E03

d07e03 The man, the myth, the machine — “Rocket Man”, Doug Wilson, pride of the alphas. We’re gonna snap you up before the competition does. Can you believe — What the hell was that? My kids never had any — And your kids turned out so great, right? I sent you pictures. I thought we weren’t supposed to talk about this. Will you do it? Custody, so he can register for school.

Subtitles for movie Weeds S07e03 Game Played Bdrip Xvid Clue English Orig

Everyone needs to be responsible for themselves. I was in a ladies’ room.


That money’s for rent. Unless one came loose on the train.

“Weeds” Game-Played subtitles English |

I didn’t think I could do it on my own. Do you, uh, carry a Danish passport? Oh, your big bang boom. So what suubtitles see is what you get. I did get shoved a couple of times by an enormous Indian woman in a yellow sari with a down jacket over it — Middle of summer.

And our dear, dim Counselor Ed barely gave you a slap on the wrist. Um Doesn’t Jill kind of already have custody? Evidently, he’s never been happier.

“Weeds” Game-Played subtitles English

You’re not meat to me. The real joint’s the witch doctor.

I have no idea. Right here, New York shitty! Please don’t write it down in my file. Where did you graduate high school?

You will call me before and after every interview. You’re fresh on American soil. I got nothing to put back into it — zero, as-is.


She’s 34 Divorced, puppet theater, baby crazy, a whole sister thing — Renata “Other shed. What’s inside the radio? You on subtitlss chrome demon, right before you jumped that gorge.

Hey, do you, uh, have any food with you? Over here, Italian steam shower, sub-zero in the kitchen — Yeah, big plans. Easily detonate-able, or Of course not. Someone might sell it out from under you, someone with experience, someone born and raised for the job. If you can’t get a job, you’ll be assigned one in the house, which means you don’t leave.

You’re like a fucking elf prince. I need to go to California and — and get my son. Maybe it was for the kids.