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Lord Hay is seen being killed during the French cavalry attack, whilst inside a British square, with Wellington witnessing his death. To recreate the battlefield authentically, the Soviets bulldozed away two hills, laid five miles of roads, transplanted 5, trees, sowed fields of rye, barley and wildflowers and reconstructed four historic buildings. A Social History of the Battle of Waterloo. The Duke of Gordon is depicted as leading his Gordon Highlanders into battle, and is described by the Duchess of Richmond as “uncle”: However he hopes that Wellington’s line has been worn down. Irina Skobtseva as Maria. Christian Janakiev as Larrey.

Jack Hawkins as Gen. Karl Liepinsc as Gen. Giorgio Sciolette as Marshal Berthier. In consequence, the Union cavalry, in reality, would not have been able to acquire the speed shown in the movie before encountering the French columns. In French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte , facing certain defeat at the hands of Britain, Austria, Prussia and Russia the Sixth coalition , abdicates at the demand of his marshals. Sergei Bondarchuk Entertainment grade:

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Sergey Bondarchuk, Director, Waterloo, Color, min. Nor did he say “La garde meurt et ne se rend pas! Log in with Facebook. As they advance they are repulsed by Maitland bondarchu Guards Divisionwho were lying unseen in the grass on the reverse of the slope.

Bondarchuk made the film with 15, infantrymen and 2, cavalry on loan from the Soviet army.

Cue a massive tantrum from qaterloo little lad. Some of the officers at the party had no time to change, and were obliged to go to war in evening dress. Alan Elledge as 3rd Sergeant. This article possibly contains original research.

Andrea Checchi as Sauret. Orson Welles Napoleon Bonaparte. Columbia Pictures published a page, full-colour pictorial guide when it released Waterloo in Bodnarchuk some point in the early afternoon, Napoleon spots troops on the horizon that later turn out to be the Prussians, but they are shown only at the very end of the battle in the wake of the defeat of the Old Guard, with the impression that they have just arrived on the field, and that their only task is to pursue the defeated French.


Actual filming was accomplished over 28 weeks, which included 16 days of delay principally due to bad weather.

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Further, Ponsonby, commander of the Union Brigade, is believed to have initially been taken prisoner by French cavalry, before being killed during a failed rescue attempt. Not all of this defense of Napoleon is unwarranted. But his second reign, known as the Hundred Days, was nipped in the bud by defeat at Waterloo. Neither of these types of round had any explosive capacity whatsoever, whilst it was the practice of artillerymen to set the fuses of shells in such a way that they exploded in the air above their targets, there otherwise being a danger that the projectiles might simply get buried in the ground.

They make it legal for any clown to kill me! Quotes [ before the battle starts, the British troops are singing a mocking song about Napoleon ] William De Lancey: As for the golden history and legend, they lie buried beneath this delayed replay of a primer on strategy.

As a result, the scenes of battle at Waterloo are visually and technically sublime, and must be seen to be believed. Vladimir Butenko as Lancer with Napoleonic Hat. Let us begin with the positive. Almost inevitably, the first thing to say here is that Waterloo is not the place to look for an objective narrative.


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Not bad for an old war movie. Rupert Davies as Lord Gordon. But, like Marshal Ney, the film fails in its charge. Yevgeny Samoylov as Vicomte Pierre Cambronne. Donal Donnelly as O’Connor. Jul 9, Full Review…. The film won two BAFTA awards in Best art direction and best costume design and was nominated for gilm third best cinematography.

While it is clearly apparent the huge amount of research that went into the making of this movie, it sadly never truly comes alive. Jean Louis as Oudinot. In addition to the battlefield in Ukraine, filming also took place on location in the Royal Palace of CasertaItaly, while interior scenes were filmed on the large Wsterloo Laurentiis Studios lot in Rome.

The generosity displayed by the emperor towards the various marshals who had betrayed him in but now rallied to the eagles once more, is generally recognised as one of his more attractive traits, while there is little doubt that he was not at his best at Waterloo and that officers such as Ney and Grouchy did not exactly distinguish themselves. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Critics Review the 91st Academy Awards Telecast. Audible Download Audio Books. La Bedoyere Gianni Garko