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Member feedback about Pusong Ligaw: Yagit Pushcart of Dreams. Nathan continues to wait on Katerina, hand and foot. In the fields, Daniel finds the infinity ring that Marco once gave to Emily. Juan Happy Love Story [6]. Herman owes a large amount of money from his co-workers and they think that Herman ran away from them. Emilio is shocked to learn that Rosamia is Dorina’s voice coach.

Katerina declines Nathan’s proposal, saying the only man that she will love is Daniel. GMA Network drama series Lists of Philippine television series Lists of television series by network Philippine drama television series Philippine television-related lists. Zossimo gives Rosamia career advice. William refuses to help Tomas but when the latter tells Katerina that he is in big trouble, she helps change their father’s mind. Larry blames Libby for the lack of airtime given to Lavinia’s songs. When Katerina continues to reject him, Nathan gets into an angry state that Jane was needed to calm him

Rita tells Jack she can’t see him anymore. The Blood Moon is a Philippine horror-fantasy drama television series. Barbara is teaching a new talent of hers, who she plans to name Snow White wtf?!?!

Mariaa nursing student whose dream was to become a chef. Emily relates to Daniel how she struggled when she first came to Italy and how her kindhearted boss Marcelo, became her husband. Players in the music industry pays their final respects at Lauro’s wake.


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Time for Emily to Get Back to the Montenegros Walanv na Utos A Woman Scorned [22]. Adora suffers a big headache. Retrieved December 20, Adik Sa’Yo Love Games. Then she goes on telling Dorina that she used to be Lavinia’s fan and that she’s a trash.

He returns home with his buddies, whom Daniel recognizes as the men who beat him up and took his money in Manila. Barbara fails to convince Rita to spy on Dorina for Lavinia. Rosa Mia longs to finally be with her daughter, Dorina.

A furious Nico punches Larry in the face. In fact, she is so jealous of Erica Carla Humphriesthe girl Paolo now spends so much time with, that she doesn’t realize her friend Justin Luis Manzano is in love with her. He asks the young man to always be on the look out for Katerina’s welfare. Archived from the original on April 7, Television series by Dreamscape Entertainment T This website is part of the FamousFix entertainment community.

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Due to hunger and heat, Dorina faints at Lavinia’s concert. In a cruel twist of fate, loving couple Emilio and Rosamia lose their baby daughter, Emilia Rose.

Member feedback about Doble Kara season 5: Add Image S1, Ep7. Katerina faints due to exhaustion and Daniel tries to revive her. Larry comes closer and kisses Lavinia.


Meanwhile, Alex and her accomplice Julio still strive to destroy and get revenge on the Suarez family. September 19, [17] [18]. Member feedback about Ang Probinsyano season 4: Emily befriends Johanna to get into the Montenegro household. Their bond is tested when Caloy enters their lives. He made a friendship with the girl he met, juen Kylie.

Lavinia goes to the powder room; moments later Dorina and Rosa Mia enters the same restaurant. Member feedback about Asintado season 1: Marco confronts his mother about Genia’s revelation and Margaret says her sister is up to no good and he shouldn’t be entertaining these thoughts.

Daniel stays with the hacienda even if Tomas treats him like dirt, as he needs to protect Genia and Katerina.

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Adora gives Dorina a new cellphone. Season 3 had 14 episodes, season 4 had 11 episodes, season 5 had 12 episodes, season 6 had 8 episodes while season 7 had 18 episodes. Larry blames his father’s untimely death on Rosamia.