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Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Reddit Opens in new window Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window. PG and Jaime talk strategy. How do you like your toast? She is just being a nuisance. I was laughing about the guy they showed at the end who kept holding up his fingers and saying nine and showing four fingers and then saying five and showing nine fingers. Join 1, other followers sign up. Follow me on Twitter.

The remaining players will assemble a puzzle. They also get flint. Hilarious how Candice is busting her ass off at camp and Rupert is just chilling, strengthening himself. Rupert lost a bit of his game the last time he played Survivor, but this time it seems he is ready to play hard except on Redemption Island. They are spending the night alone in the jungle with their loved ones. Is the topic because he was gloating.

The new tribe name is Hae Da Fung, black wind.

How do you like your toast? It will be interesting to see what happens next week. She is getting flaky.


Candice gets 3 votes. They also get flint. James notices that the blank piece of the immunity idol is missing. At Tadhana, they are also working hard. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. They are spending the night alone in the jungle with their loved ones. Then they work on their third. wagch

Survivor S20 E4 – video dailymotion

Galang is dragging Gervase along, who is struggling. Candice gets the same opportunity. Survivor Blood Vs Water: You are commenting using your Facebook account. About I’m Rangeyour host. Todd is laughing at her behind her back.

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Amanda tells James that Anorexic Courtney will be a problem. They will retrieve puzzle pieces. There are a few clues about the challenge. At Galang, the returning players take stock of their supplies. She is just being a nuisance. Anorexic Courtney brings everyone down by talking with Todd and Amanda. Katie was also weak. Jean-Robert and Todd are talking strategy.

The moms and daughters are going to square off in the puzzle making. PG is worried about Frosti, because he is getting close with Anorexic Courtney. Can you believe it? He makes his play while the rest of his tribe goes to talk about him.


Survivor S20 E4

PG and Jaime talk strategy. And it looks as if Colton is going back to his bad self. On the menu, photosartstoriesentertainment and reviews.

Gervase the weakling is trash-talking. Marissa tells Rupert and Candice that she got blindsided. See you next week! Caleb has got no problem voting either of them out. Follow me on Twitter. They have them now on cbs. They will be the first competitors. At Fei Long, the tribe members are talking about the eviction that just happened.