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Yeah, but aren’t those experiments dangerous? Unfortunately, due to budget cuts we are canceling art, music and dance. Humina, humina, humina, humina, humina. The Simpsons S27E9 – Barthood. You rent your womb to a rich childless couple. Lisa and the 8th Commandment.

That’s a really good idea. I hope you saved yourself some time and simply did a copy paste into excel and then used the sort function. When alphabetizing, article words “the,” “a,” and “an” go at the end. Oh, I don’t feel so good. Uh, appendectomy, lipo or the sampler? The animation isn’t all that great, the writing is fine and there’s very little to the humour. Tell me when I hit the sweet spot.

What if we gave you the name of an unlicensed surgeon? The Simpsons S11E15 – Missionary: I’m detecting a distinct strain of anti-intellectualism in this tavern. If anyone sees more instances of this in the list let me know.

The Simpsons s12e09 Episode Script

A Simpsons Clip Show. Now mine doesn’t make quite as much sense.

The Simpsons S6E10 – Grampa vs. Being a brain has alienated me from all my friends. Don’t hurt a person with the thing. It would be the world’s funniest marsupial. In fact Homer proves to be even smarter than she is.


Alphabetically sorting Roman numerals just murders some people’s calm. It bothers my OCD. Why was a wolf shooting a web? It provides the freedom and protection I so sorely need. An opossum capering around like that would be a smash hit. The Simpsons S29E8 – Mr.

But yeah I’ve seen ’em all and it was enjoyable to go through the list. He decides to have Moe a licensed surgeon shove another crayon into his brain and he goes back to being a blissful idiot.

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The Simpsons S30E2 – Heartbreak Hotel – Watch for free | SoyaTV

Which reminds me, I need a sandwich. We’ll call it Desert Breeze. So what do you want here? Fox Broadcasting, down eight.

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He’s right, you know. Don’t tell me how to feel. You can’t hate me. My ocd is acting up lol. Somebody’s not laughing here. No candy for you. Now cut the entire series together by words spoken in alphabetical order. The Simpsons S5E14 – Lisa vs. I’ve been watching the later seasons for the first time and was thinking the same thing. Tell me when I hit the sweet spot. Courage, I tell ya. It’s in his brain. The Simpsons S11E16 – Pygmoelian. I wonder if the romans used alphabetical order?


This affects wimpsons ordering in places like I would say hands down the best episode. Seems like a lot of effort, I’ll probably just jump ahead.

The Simpsons S28E17 – 22 for No, about an hour and a half of typing out episode titles with the season and episode after the title, followed by punching it into a web wath to alphabetize the list, then another like 20 minutes of formatting and now corrections. It has now been slmpsons for your convenience. I mean all he did was import a list of every episode to excel probably and hit sort than copy pasted. Surprised this hasn’t happened yet. Also shouldn’t the episodes that start with a number fall in line with how the number is spelled?

He is so smart that he accidentally proves there is no God. Am I missing something? Not to mention dimpsons to. In fact, I made a graph.