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Meanwhile, Tancredi is approached by Bennett, who convinces her that he doesn’t work for the Company. Mahone vows to completely understand Scofield’s plan and capture him. The former goes to a drugstore , where she is spotted and arrested. Duffy praised the “motley crew of cellblock characters” and the “taut, ingenious storytelling of series creator Paul T. Scofield reveals that he was abused by his foster father before Aldo arrived, killed the man and saved the former. Scheuring and his staff. Kellerman’s transfer vehicle is attacked by masked men. Tancredi calls Bruce Bennett, her father’s associate, for help and realizes he sent them to kill her and is part of the Company.

Michael and Lincoln wait for Sara in the cargo ship, but she discovers that Lang is following her and she stops her car and surrenders to the agent. Tancredi is confronted by Kellerman. The police catch four people who jump out of the train, but realize that they are not Scofield’s team and the real four leave the station in Chicago. They board a train, in which Tancredi tries to kill Kellerman anyway. Geary’s testimony, the authorities suspend Pope because of giving special privileges to Scofield and fire Bellick for selling the P. They lure Mahone into a factory before Tancredi escaping and Scofield locking him in a chamber.

They lock the Company agents outside after following Bagwell to another location and enter the house, where Bagwell has put a dead body and called the police, who arrive and arrest Bellick while the others escape, having captured Bagwell. Way to Movies. Franklin sends several messages to Scofield’s website, but receives no reply. Meanwhile, Tancredi is approached by Bennett, who convinces her that he prisoh work for the Company.


The season was nominated for five awards, winning one. The scum Bellick and Kim Bill have also good moments in the show. Scofield and Tancredi are spotted and escape the club without recovering the tape. Mahone also finds the secret behind Scofield’s tattoo. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Ferry Corsten Breakout Mix. Retrieved January 16, In old England, the punishment for a traitorous act was beheading.

Archived from the original on September 3, They are revealed to be transferring some messages, all of which Mahone deduces to be meaningless except one for Tancredi. Rpison Sullins proposes a deal to C-Note to go to court to testify against Mahone, and offers a new identity and clear record to him in the witness protection program.

The woman finds out who Bagwell is and he kills her. You don’t want to do this, okay? Bagwell finds and kills Geary.

Was this review helpful to you? Mahone decides to transfer Apolskis alone, stops the car on the road and kills Apolskis in watfh blood. The lawyer listens to the recording and states that its contents will not exonerate Burrows, but can be used to prosecute Reynolds; and the brothers decide to blackmail Reynolds with it to get pardoned.

In the meantime, Tancredi is nearly convicted in the court until Kellerman arrives to testify for her. Retrieved from ” https: He gets in a house and s2d20 attracted by a painting of a countryside house and steals it.

They force failed escapee Sanchez to talk. Meanwhile, in Cristobal, Panama, Michael and Lincoln argue since Michael is upset for ruining Sara’s life; for releasing T-Bag and for the number of people that has died due to their prison break out. Scofield, Lincoln and Bagwell find out that a village is built on the farm.


Prison Break S02E20 – Panama – video dailymotion

Mahone requests the police to transfer the brothers alone, which is denied. Keith Stolte John S. Apolskis’s girlfriend is informed who he is and allows him to steal her car and leave. On SoA it is a beak role reversal where Coates plays the criminal and Dunbar’s character is in law enforcement.

Prison Break Se2 Ep 20 – Panama

He finally surrenders and makes a deal with Mahone to deliver Scofield watxh exchange for Kacee’s freedom and Dede’s health care. Franklin manages to convince his wife, Kacee, to understand him, as she didn’t know he was in prison and why. Sucre takes the whole bag without sharing the money.

Bagwell decides to recut his hand in order to escape. He takes her to a doctor, but doesn’t allow him to inject her anesthetics because of the pain.

Kacee finds out that they have left their daughter, Dede’s medications behind. Kellerman recovers the encrypted messages Tancredi received from Scofield while she is decrypting them. Bellick convinces Sanchez to reveal Sucre’s whereabouts. Sara arrives in her father’s house and finds him dead, seeming to be suicide. The FBI wattch that the brothers are still alive. Mahone finds that Michael and Lincoln are in Panama and surprises Wheeler in the parking area.