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Among those murdered in Buyung Katedo were the Imam of the local mosque and Firman, an infant. Archived from the original on Masked members of a Christian militia surrounded the village, populated mainly by resettled Javanese cacao farmers who had previously lived in South Sulawesi , and captured the village women and children and some men. Maintain pressure on the Indonesian government for civilian oversight and accountability for security forces. During a heavy downpour on 28 May , the electricity in the Muslim village of Sintuwu Lemba was cut, allegedly by the attacking militants. June 4, at Although provocation has played a role in other incidents of unrest in Indonesia and there are signs of such efforts in Poso, this report does not attempt to address all such claims, many of which are based more on speculation than evidence. Following the devaluation of the rupiah , the cultivation of such cash crops by migrants increased and several trans-migrant groups established plantations in previously forested interior areas considered to be Christian land.

The population of the Poso area in Central Sulawesi is geographically divided along Muslim and Christian lines, with coastal villages and cities majority Muslim and highland towns and villages majority indigenous Protestant. Small arms , machete. Thirty houses and a church were ransacked and torched, also. In the past the anniversary of the Walisongo massacre has been sometimes marked by violence. They allege that the subdistrict police chief forced them to return home, insisting the situation was safe. But I was shocked when I watch the full video.

A more decisive and unbiased Indonesian government response, aided by the international community, is imperative.

He and two other suspects could be sentenced to death if found guilty. The district also includes villages built under the government transmigration program, which brought in residents from densely populated areas, such as the primarily Muslim islands of Java and Lombokand a small minority from the Hindu island of Bali.

A December brawl in Poso led to months of religious violence in which hundreds died. Aside from those killed at the school, others captured were reportedly bound and forced to walk two kilometers to the Poso river near the town where many captives were killed, including children and infants[7] and there were reports that the Poso River was clogged with bodies in the aftermath. There were fewer fatalities than in later phases, but many neighborhoods were badly damaged.

Retrieved from ” https: They may use force and firearms only if other means remain ineffective or without any promise of achieving the intended result. Poso regencyCentral SulawesiIndonesia.

The guerilla plant How the world’s oldest clove tree defied an empire. There has been a great deal made of the role of Laskar Jihad in exacerbating conflicts in Maluku1 and elsewhere, and our research confirms that Laskar Jihad’s presence helped fuel conflict in Poso.

Walisongo Massacre

The Poso region proved fertile ground for communal violence: Although this report summarizes the information that others have gathered, Human Rights Watch did not research the question and came across no firsthand evidence on the subject during the course of our research in Poso. As in Maluku, the conflict in Poso reflects local and domestic Indonesian political dynamics that would exist with or without outside agitators, let alone an international terrorist training center.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He said he wanted to avenge the deaths of Muslims killed during religious violence in the country, the world’s most populous Muslim nation. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. ReliefWeb Informing humanitarians worldwide. Lateka was later killed on 2 June when hundreds clashed in the Poso neighborhood of Kayamanya and in mid-July another Protestants were arrested southeast of Poso, in Kolonedale, for carrying weapons, mainly machetes.

Beginning in Junebombings and mysterious shootings were again on the rise, and August and September saw the return of attacks on villages.

2000 Walisongo school massacre

Home About Travel Hotels. On the seventh anniversary of the attack on Sintuwu Lemba village, otherwise called Kilo Nine, in Poso, Central Sulawesi hundreds of Muslims gathered at the Al Azhar mosque in Jakarta on May 28th and called on the government to improve the situation of refugees and victims of the war and to rebuild the Wali Songo Muslim boarding school, which was destroyed in massaxre attack at Kilo Nine in Apart from the rebuilding of the school Al Khathath asked that refugees from the conflict be given the opportunity to return to their areas of origin, that the government apologise to the families of the victims and pay them million rupiah dinars posi each, and that the police fully investigate the 16 Christian figures who were named by Tibo as responsible for organising the May attacks on Muslims in Poso.

It analyzes ooso Indonesian government’s response and the reasons violence has continued to erupt periodically in Poso for four years running. The arrival of Laskar Jihad in July and the widespread destruction of villages that followed eventually prompted intervention by Jakarta. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Following the devaluation of the rupiahthe cultivation of such cash crops by migrants increased and several trans-migrant groups established plantations in previously forested interior areas considered to be Christian land.

At this writing, it was unclear whether peace truly would take hold. The Walisongo school massacre is the name given to a series of attacks by Christian militants on 28 May upon several predominantly Muslim villages around Poso town, Central SulawesiIndonesia as part of a broader sectarian conflict in watcn Poso region.

Testimony to Human Poeo Watch indicates the modus operandi of the militants massacrs similar in other towns populated by Muslim residents; a further 8 Muslim residents disappeared from the village of Tabalo after the assailants had the locals gather and walk to Kasiguncu township.


The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites. Humanitarian Icons – Ready-to-use symbols and icons. Laskar Jihad, foreign Christian organizations, and some journalists have characterized the problem as a one-dimensional or even one-sided religious war, a misconception that hampers reconciliation and efforts to address underlying causes.

ReliefWeb has been the leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since The continuing conflict in Poso is significant in its own right due to the widespread loss of life and displacement, especially as it is often overshadowed by the even deadlier conflict watchh neighboring Maluku.

Although the violence reflects social tensions, the fact that it has persisted for so long with such a high human toll is a product of poao government failure, both local and national. Although it is difficult to determine the precise scope of the violence, it has been extensive: Nine years ago, a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, and I was among many looking for meaningful ways to help, albeit from far away.

June 4, at Conflict fell dramatically after the signing, with the worrying exception of several bombings and other incidents of violence. Previously known as Celebes, Sulawesi is Indonesia’s fourth largest island.

One of their heads massacrf discovered outside a church. To the International community 1. As of the total number of people killed in the 28 May massacre still remains unclear, with mass graves still masscre unearthed across the Poso regency.

Contact Us – Ask questions and suggest improvements. They said two other defendants – Lilik Purnomo and Irwanto Irano – were following his orders when they helped carry out the attack. Central Sulawesi Conflict Report.

Lateka poso wiki result 4″. Some observers suggested the violence was planned during a national Koran reading contest in Palu attended by the president and vice-presidentnassacre authorities would be distracted by the large event and the presence of the Indonesian executive leaders. The gang fights escalated to full-scale riot in Poso and the local police chief called in Palu troops from a police paramilitary unit.

Small armsmachete. As this report was being finalized, Laskar Jihad announced it was disbanding and that members in Poso would soon leave the region.

Click here to cancel reply. As in Poso, the violence began with a street fight, wqtch on underlying political and economic tensions, and unfolded amidst widespread rumors of provocation. More than 1, people are believed to have been killed during two years of violence triggered by a brawl between Christian and Muslim gangs in December