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Skitty recovers and uses Blizzard , which Houndoom successfully counters with Flamethrower. Vivian asks for opinions from the judges. Retrieved from ” https: Erika has Jynx use psychic to turn the net back at the Rockets. Start your free trial. The ice type then begins to send ice beams off in random directions again. Advanced Battle Season 9:

It gets a razor leaf this time, which slices the string off of Jynx. Credits Animation Team Ota. S8 Episode 25 Berry, Berry Interesting. It then tackles Houndoom across the field again. The Great Eight Fate! Master Quest Season 6: Watch Now With Prime Video.

Skitty tries a blizzard, but the attack is disintegrated by a flamethrower. It succeeds, but gets a bit carried away.

The Right Place at the Right They’re well-matched, but Houndoom pokwmon stumbles. BrockMaxand the Contest Judges start to think that something strange is going on.

Ash grows angry and orders another try. Skitty gets a string shot, which wraps around Jynx and shocks everyone. Erica and her Jynx face a suspiciously familiar team—the Jester wqtch Meowth. With this pacifidpog mind, the group waves goodbye as they head off down the road. His hand holds some leaves under the costume and he tosses them as Jynx, letting out a Sunflora cry in the process.

Meowth disguises himself as a Sunflora, then a Kirlia, and finally a Wailord, but the scam is uncovered.

Her friends know that she has to think of something fast. Indigo League Season 2: Rough, Tough Jigglypuff Pokemon Episode This time it becomes a fake Kirlia. Afterward, Erica and Joshua promise to keep training separately so they can become great rivals as well as great partners. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Jynx releases another lovely kiss and Meowth rushes forward, trying to transform again. Jynx is surprised by this and waddles after him with hearts episods her eyes.


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The winner depends on which attack is stronger: She then declares her intentions of having them opkemon win and Toshki just nervously shrugs her off. Pacifidlog Jam 08 Apr Erika joins May on the battlefield as Vivian shows the audience the two finalists. Getting worried, Jessie tells Meowth to use Transform again. Skitty recovers and uses Blizzardwhich Houndoom successfully counters with Flamethrower.

Pokémon – Season 8, Episode Pacifidlog Jam –

Audible Download Audio Books. The view shirts to a video monitor which flashes before revealing that the first battle is between Erika and Jessie. Snorunt nods and turns its back to him, preparing to launch yet another ice beam. Her friends realize that she now has five ribbons, which is enough to compete in the Grand Festival! This time, he reappears from the smoke disguised as a Kirlia. Meowth disguises himself as a Sunflora, then a Kirlia, and finally a Wailord, but the scam is uncovered.

Houndoom’s Flamethrower or Skitty’s Blizzard! Jynx then attempts to end the match with Blizzard, but Skitty is able to get back up. She asks Meowth if he can beat the crazy girl and Meowth remarks that he and James came up with a plan. She orders the attack again, and gets a flamethrower as Jynx launches a hyper beam. Diamond and Pearl Season On the final contest stage, Erica realizes May and Joshua both gave it their best.


The attack freezes from the snow. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Pacifidlog Jam 08 Apr 6.

Showdown At Linoone Pokemon Episode Skitty is pacifidlg wearing one around its neck. Toshki and May begin to taunt each other on the field, making Erika realize perfectly well that they do not like each other further than friends. Brock and Max peer down, wondering which of the two pair ups will battle first.

Pokemon 08×25 Pacifidlog Jam!

Houndoom opens with Swiftbut Skitty dodges and uses Tackle. Advanced Challenge Season 8: May takes his words in and knows exactly what to do. Advanced Battle Season 9: It then shifts to Ash as he runs down a road that borders a forest. It does so, launching a razor leaf storm to deflect the swift. Pacifislog jealously watches Joshua and Houndoom battle May and Skitty.

Pacifidlog Jam

Pikachu 25 Type Electric Abilities Static. In response Meowth somehow manages to pull out a full-sized Wailord costume. The crossbow-wielding star tackles some what-ifs that would change everything we know about ” The Walking Dead. She tells May pokemin she better not beat Toshki. Skitty uses Assist and produces a String Shot that traps Jynx.