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Kim Byung-man , Kangnam Ep. Moon-sik volunteered and was separated from the group for one night. On their first day, they made camp on the beach and divided tasks among the members such as hunting for food, building their shelter, and gathering materials. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Manado , Sulawesi , Indonesia. Star Today in Korean.

They reunited the next day out in the ocean where they dive together and the first half ends with them coming across a manta ray. Retrieved December 4, Retrieved November 3, Because of the time lost, they decided to remain there. North Island , New Zealand , Oceania. Hankook Ilbo in Korean. They were first tasked to ride horses to their next destination, but on the way there, a horse kicked Jeongyeon’s ankle by accident which injured her as a result. Retrieved January 17,

Kim Byung-manKwak Si-yang [95] Ep. They had to sleep cold and soaking wet because of the rain. YTN News in Korean.

Law of the Jungle

List of trip locations. Maeil Business Newspaper in Korean. My Daily in Korean. On their third day, they traveled to the west of the island. The members of the first half were dropped off by a helicopter on Gobi Desert and were only ot two camels to ride. The cast was completely unaware of their destination which was only revealed upon their arrival on the island through a video.

HimalayasNepalSouth Asia [14]. Star News in Korean. Kim Byung-manHwang Chi-yeul Ep. Retrieved August 5, Their final location is the Chuuk islands where they are given their last mission, which is to live without the chief, Kim Byung-man, for 50 hours.


They were tasked to live like the hobbits in the legend told by the tribesmen residing there. Solomon IslandsOceania. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. With a cast composed of celebrities who live mundane lives outside of work, they go on a trip to ‘find themselves’ which has 3 phases. The cast are challenged to find the 92 secrets of the ruins of Nan Madol.

Teams in part 2 also had one of the stops with the most abundant food and resources around, with a professional chef and a great angler on board. Retrieved October 19, As a regular member, Kangnam wasn’t able to join the tribe due to his flu.

Once a day, the cast will be asked to make a ‘life or death choice’, such as only taking one member’s bags to survive with when the staff confiscated their luggage or choosing to live without fire or water for 24 hours.

March 17, — May 12, [94]. Munhwa News in Korean.

Retrieved February 23, Kim Byung Man Host. Retrieved October 14, Moon-sik volunteered and was separated from the group for one night.

Find the Treasures Members: Papua New Guinea [58].

List of Law of the Jungle episodes – Wikipedia

They eventually arrived at one of the San Blas Islands. Retrieved April 20, It doesn’t stop raining even until the morning and the staff’s equipment gets swept away by the waves. Watch ‘ Law of the Jungle ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet.


Indian OceanReunion Island. Moon-sik, Yunhyeong returned to the water slide with Chorong who had already recovered. No member can bring their own byug and all were packed by the other members who gave items they brought with them to the other members.

Retrieved 18 September Their luggage were confiscated and they were tasked to survive using only whatever items are in the packages as a reference to the film where Tom Hanks ‘ character only had the FedEx boxes that were washed away with him on the island.

Northern Mariana IslandsPacific Ocean. Kangnam became a regular member. Retrieved January 12, For the first half, each member had a ‘guardian angel’ among the other members who secretly chose them to take care of and protect.

Retrieved August 18, Retrieved December 2, Kim Byung-manSong Jae-hee [] Ep. Jeong JinwoonDasom Sistar Notes: Retrieved 21 July Despite the staff’s suggestion that she return to South Korea for safety, Jeongyeon stayed with the tribe and used a wooden crutch the chief Kim Byung-man crafted for her.