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AJAY January 25, I read on the internet the story was similar to Devdas. I remember the character of Shekhar Suman where he used to recite his dialogue non-stop, the character of Gareema played by Deven Bhojani, and will you ever forget the short man Lilliput? Thnks so much for showing interest in popular doordarshan serials, by any chance do you have swagat serial videos… I have been looking for it on internet from a very long time but no luck yet …. I m searchng fr Trushna serial of doordarshan 80s. List of Show names aired on 80s DD.

I am not remembering serial name. I request the DD people to please repeat all the serials once again and surely all the people will enjoy watching. Why do I remember this: Rajani – The Crusader Basu Chatterji’s first foray in Television – within a month this one was a mega hit with ‘Rajni’ becoming a household name across the country. Could you please upload it. How we can create wonders by forgetting about the cast, creed and color of a man.

He buys a car in the later years of World War II.

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To provide a better website experience, reelrundown. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: Hi, I want to see Arohan again so please provide a link to all apisodes of Aarohan online. Can u plssssssss post the links here. Can you please add it to your list. Goosebumps on watching this. The story of Mohan Bharti who is booted from his job as an engineer.


If you want your comment to be removed we respect that and you can do so by requesting or writing to oldidiotbox live. Pallavi joshi was in that serial. But story is about a school boy who study in very prominent school on scholarship, since he was very bright in his study other guy aatch.

Anonymous September 09, Ghalib was his pen name.

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The series has altogether 53 episodes showcasing the story of caste formation, Ramayan, Emperor Ashoka, Kalidas, Akbar – The Great, and many more. We the late, l We partner with Say Media to deliver ad campaigns on our sites. Anonymous August 06, Here is my web-site: Can someone tell me as to how do view that programme? But after the couple brings the head to their house things starts to go sour.

During the training period they learn abt discipline, love n life. Feel free to surf to my blog post Thanks buddy for reminding of these nostalgic moments I want to know the serial name.

This has given many people a new phrase to scold daydreamers. In Mississippi, I would be able to use it all but possibly one month, Jan, out from the entire year. Please help me find it.


I am no critic of SRK, but it is hard for me to understand why he doesn’t do films such as this. Can someone tell me the link where i can find aarohan played by pallavi joshi plezzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me on meghatamishra gmail.

Old Doordarshan Serials Online! Great emotions, acting, writing, and direction. Hi Im looking for any links for the tv show nukkad. Door se aya hai kushiya Woh laya hai Please if anybody know the serial name,reply. I want all setial serials episodes for purchase. I am big fan of mitthi ke rang serial.

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My views on Malgudi days is that it is the greatest T. I am fund of watching old serials. But life is so fast and stressful. I want to watch School Days again … Please if sm1 can help me about this …….