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Minor scratches and stain marks at front cabinet Table mount and brand box is missing Rust on ports Very minor scratches on screen, not visible when viewing running pictures. The bed is easy to assemble or disassemble. When he doesn’t reduce the speed, Shalini angrily asks him to stop the bike, gets down and takes an auto. Shalini’s mother gets a call from Abhay’s mother and blames her, for not treating Abhay properly at their home. Abhay consoles her and asks her to be happy as she just looks like a 30 year old lady. She continues her blaming and asks Shalini’s mother to send back Abhay and Shalini by evening. This makes Shalini sad and upset, as if their dream has washed away.

And even some times, he looks as a small kid. Abhay’s father, Rajashekhar brings a new sari and shows it to Shanthi. Shalini, with the effect of juice starts telling the truth about her life. Stay tuned for moreThis is the story of 31 year old Shalini and 26 year old Abhay. Swann Z, Delivery time: Scratches at front cabinet Stain marks at table stand. Shalini then asks Abhay to go and take bath. Overview Jothe Jotheyalli is a Kannada romantic drama television series.

He asks her not worry about the money as they have come out for the first time in their life. Apple iPhone X gb Dubai high grade true clone with ios v Abhay consoles her by saying that, he loves her smile and her happiness and to waych it last forever, he can remain as a kid forever but he only wants her hand with him.

Jothe Jotheyali

Abhay consoles her that it is just made of sand on a sea shore, how can it be a permanent one. Every TV undergo rigorous testing and are in flawless working condition.

Shanthi, taunts that unlike Shalini’s mother’s house they have sufficient milk in their home and asks her to prepare coffee without adding water to the milk. He comforts her that both wife and mother have their own places in his life and either one will be not be replaced by the other. While meditating, he goes to sleep. Abhay’s grandfather tries to pacify her by saying he went for honeymoon, not war.

He then gives it to Shalini and tells her that it is a ritual of their family to present first sari to the daughter-in-law, by her father-in-law. Leave your comments below to help us improve your wafch experience.


Her anger turns towards Shalini, and blames her for not asking Abhay to uothe her mother. After the lady saint asks Abhay to take care of Shalini well, he decides to offer Seva to the God.

After several requests, finally the driver agrees, and requests Shalini to get down from the auto.

This irritates Shanthi further. He further tells that he can’t live without her. Abhay tells Shalini that he knnada had a dream in his life to come to a place like this, and to watch a sunset with his girl.

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When Shalini’s younger sister asks her mother for money to pay her college fees, she in turn request Shalini’s father to support their family by doing some earnings. Shanthi asks his son Abhay to be very careful in the sea and have food time to time, during the trip. Abhay and Shalini are getting ready to go for their honeymoon trip.

Abhay and Shalini spend time by roaming around the nearby places of the city, enjoy the sunset, go to the view point, play around, visit the local market place, and buy local snacks and some bangles too. This onlinne Shanthi and makes her angry.

Jothe Jotheyalli

Iannada Videos of Jothe Jotheyalli. When asked, Shalini tells that she added water to the milk. Just then Abhay wakes up and tells Shalini that he could feel her missing even though when he is asleep. Shalini goes with Abhay as a pillion rider on his bike.

Scratches at front cabinet Stain marks at table stand. This makes Abhay’s grandfather very happy oline he thanks Shalini for making his jothheyali come true. Abhay then requests Ranjit to meet his newly wedded wife. She also explains him that it is not socially acceptable as he is 5 years younger than her.

The Sand castle created by Abhay and Shalini is washed away by a big wave. Stay tuned for moreThis is the story of 31 year old Shalini and 26 year old Abhay. Kanada minor scratches on screen, not visible when viewing running pictures Table mount is missing.

She says that she feels difficult to go travel so far and that to an unknown country. Ranjit discusses with his father about the starting of a new political party.


Seeing this, Shalini gets shocked. Abhay’s father explains Shanthi that she is just concerned about the cost of the saree and is not at all bothered about the love moive is hidden behind this saree.

And he agrees and goes with Johheyali. Which among the following describes the type of issue you were facing? First, Abhay starts talking after drinking that juice. In the early morning, Shalini asks Abhay to meditate while sitting in the garden. Abhay’s mother was feeling sad about yesterday’s incident. Shalini’s mother apologizes for the things happened and promises him that it will not be repeated. Cancellation not allowed for this product after 48 jotheylai of order booking.

He then leaves the place. She wakes up and walks before the God’s idol and prays him to kill her bad memories. But, she tells that since it is the first time, she want to watch the movie with all the family members. Shalini tells Abhay that, she tries however hard he still appears like a small boy and she is not able to consider him as her husband.

Minor scratches at back cabinet. Abhay agrees to her and makes the arrangements to watch movie at home with everybody.

Jothe jotheyali kannada full movie in Bangalore

Looking at him, Jahnavi starts laughing. Shalini is from a lower middle class family who works as a school teacher and Abhay is a TV journalistAbhay makes a false news against her and makes her lose her job, he realizes the mistake and helps her in regaining the job, during this process they become friends and Abhay falls for her simplicity and straight forwardness he falls in love with her Shalini says she has always seen him as only a good jotheyaki and says she has no special feelings for him.

Ranjit thinks for a while and then tells Abhay that he can’t come with him.