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In the end, Sam and Pete happily go on another date. Carly’s guardian angel, Mitch Danny Woodburn , makes this wish come true. Satisfied, Freddie leaves right before Melanie arrives to go to the mall with Sam and Carly. When the group’s favorite pie shop closes down due to the death of the head chef, Mr. Meanwhile, Sam pays Freddie to build a website for her, and has a contract written up as well. Freddie failed because his technology composting project caused him to import worms from Portugal by burning a lot of jet fuel. To get revenge on Sam for pulling a revenge prank on him by putting a dead fish in his locker, Freddie pulls a prank on her by handcuffing her to Gibby Noah Munck.

Meanwhile, Spencer puts a Magic Eight Ball -like toy, called a Magic Meatball, in control of his life, with disastrous results. Meanwhile, Spencer buys a spaceship prop, supposedly from the movie “Galaxy Wars” a parody of Star Wars online, but finds out that it is only a replica, and was never actually used in the movie. We “Brag” about products and companies we think are Fabulous. Carly and Sam find out that they even spoofed “Messin’ with Lewbert” calling it “Messin’ with Rupert”. In other projects Wikiquote. Retrieved April 16, The only person believed to have the recipe is Mr. Season 2 Episode

David Archuleta as himself.

Since Freddie hooked up the camera to the big screen, the audience can see their silly acting. See the Bragging Mommy Full Disclosure. Sam, who did not even do a project, manages to wwatch an A from Mr. Freddie tries finding a way to succeed in making his cousin laugh.

In the first iCarly movie, the trio learn wattch have been nominated for an iWeb award and have to go to Japan to ifarly the Award Show, they also have to make a sketch to which they come up with Melanie Higgles: The iCarly team soon finds that Wade’s mother was not sick, but he steals the video from them and gets away before they can stop him.


During his shifts, while using an old CB Radio, he upsets two truckers named Porkchop and Sledgehammer.

iCarly S02E13 iMake Sam Girlier

Griffin, who had come to see Carly, overhears their conversation as they mock his collection; he is deeply insulted and upset with Carly for making fun of him, and immediately ends their relationship. Meanwhile, while packing for a camping trip, Spencer is locked in the basement by Chuck, who is seeking revenge on Spencer for telling on him and getting him grounded for playing racquetball in the lobby for two days when he was filling in for Lewbert in the episode iHurt Lewbert, so Chuck says that Spencer is “grounded” for two days.

She looks great as is.

Carly’s art teacher and Spencer later make up and kiss after the teacher admits Spencer was right about being spontaneous and passionate in order to become a true artist. Kyoko and Yuki are arrested for kidnapping and the iCarly gang return to America on a fishing boat, having refused to go back on the cargo plane.

Carly and Spencer catch their new neighbor, Griffin, stealing Spencer’s motorcycle.

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The plan to prove Melanie is really “Sam” takes an unexpected turn when Melanie kisses Freddie, who then becomes extremely paranoid. Consequently, Spencer forbids the couple to see each other and begins policing Carly’s daily life. Meanwhile Spencer is stuck with pillows after believing he ordered only two. That leads to Freddie getting teased by several classmates and iCarly fans and even little girls after Mr.

Grilier on the Oscars red carpet pick the nominees they’d love to work with on a project. Benson are wrapped in seaweed and trapped at the spa. Retrieved September 14, Unfortunately, Carly accidentally falls on Shelby’s sickly grandmother during a press conference causing Shelby to get angry. Victoria Justice as Shelby Marx.


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Devlin gave him an advice, so he leaves eatch and goes home. They invite Wade for an interview on the webshow and agree to make him a music video. Carly then has the weekend to do a new project, as Mr. Use the HTML below.

It works until a senior bully at school, Jocelyn Cynthia Dallasarrives to harass the iCarly team. Retrieved March 25, But after the show, he snaps at the iCarly gang for ruining his life by ruining his chance seaso winning the contest, and is revealed to be very rude, angry, obnoxious, and narcissistic.

If they do not get a good grade on their project, Mr.

Carly frantically tries to explain her newfound feelings for Griffin, but this only infuriates Spencer further. Meanwhile, Spencer tries to impress an attractive single mom by helping watdh daughter sell fudge balls similar to Girl Scout cookiesbut two rude older teen scouts steal Spencer’s place at the market.

The only person believed to have the recipe is Mr.

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Benson and Spencer escape and take a taxi to find the lost trio. Add the first question. I grew up watching Nickelodeon. Carly, Sam, and Freddie are assigned to do a school science project for Green Week by their teacher, Mr. Freddie failed because his technology composting project caused him to import worms from Portugal by burning a lot of jet fuel.