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Or are you a participating companion to those cheaters. She orders Fatima to see to it. I will get revenge just trust in me. Ali Beik enters the tent and asks if Iskandar Shalabi had anything to do with that assassin. I am not a slave in front of you that you can beat. Suleiman asks Khedr if he knows anything of the opinions of Ibrahim like as to install a Ottoman government in non Arab lands.

I only know of arabic subtitle or arabic dubbed 3rd season. Ibrahim is sure amongst their midst is a traitor, and he was the one who gave entry to this assassin and told him to kill Ibrahim but was killed himself. Ibrahim sees Rustem emotional and tells him let it be a lesson to you that no one can come between me and the Sultan or his fate becomes like Iskandr. Iskandar Shalabi refuses to do so. I know very well what you are trying to do, you are trying to reduce from my standing and let the Sultan look down to me. Hatice says there is something mysterious about this woman that she felt.

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Iskandar Shalabi wants to bareem all the needed preparations under his responsibilities. You are afraid, that he will return to her as he was happy with her.

Gulsha asks what will happen. Durra khanum has passed away and Wiqam has gone, and nobody knows where your standing grounds are.

He is still thinking of her.

Nigar visits her promising she will tell the news to tell the news to Hurrem but instead she is planning something different. Is there a place watch with subtitles move a lot slower.

Either all Istanbul will know about this topic or we wait upon the return of the Sultan. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I will show you the punishment that comes wultan threatening someone from a dynasty. He tells her how does she know maybe he is a person who is doing justice. One of the posts asks Iskandar Shalabi to come out cause Ibrahim Pasha requests his presence and it cannot wait. I dare you to raise your hand upon me.


She wears a red dress and asks Fatima to leave her.

She searches for the key. Sultana are you fine. Scene changes to Topkapi Palace Mirimah asks her brother if he wants a private room though he is still young. Why did you hang my guards. He asks Helena what she is doing and if the guy next to her is her lover. Hello, recently I have found this site where you can watch all episodes of Season 2 and most of season 3. Someone approaches Suleiman from behind, he arabc sitting on the balcony.

Hurrem is sitting alone crying. But he conquers that she is young herself. Mustapha wanted to make sure of her well being but she says he has made her fall into a dilemma. Now she should go next omline Kiraz Agha, he will appoint her to a safe place.

The newborn has paid all the sins that Nigar has done in life.

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Like Liked by 1 person. She hides but Agabic suspects her presence and throws her in the dungeon. You can contact him via Magnificent Century -Muhtesem Yuzyil. Or are you a participating companion to those cheaters. The place that you own maybe the only one that you will ever reach in your whole life. You have began that war. He will go to battle with men like him Nasoukh, that he trusts not the like of Iskandar Shalabi.

Nigar asks was the newborn a girl? He is glad to see him well and as a trusted person someone can rely on. Be thankful that you opened Tabriz. She leaves Ibrahim without answering.

And thank you for your work, for the 3-rd season! Suleiman is amazed about her origin and beauty and kisses her passionately. The swordsman lifts his sword. This is also the goal of Rustem of course. I will watch out for new tv stations and will let you know and by updating the blog post. He says when she comes she will see. Mirimah tells her that she will be her hair stylist from this day on. Helena tells Mustapha that they are selling good carpets but are forced to sell it under the market value because the tradesman is threatening them.


But Afife catches her and punishes her. Suleiman send a letter to tahmasp and requests his presence as a leader in war not hiding in his throne like a woman.

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If they are heading instead to Baghdad they might onnline the control of Tabriz. He says that he received a letter from Rustem Agha which states that Ibrahim has ordered everyone to call him Sultan instead of Pasha.

Ibrahim asks Rustem Agha about Ahmed. Ali Beik who hates Ibrahim says not to worry at all he knows the region like his own name and he knows a shortcut to there.

English subtitles please…………… or even with translations written.

Look at them, take it as a lesson because in the end you will find yourself hanging at their location. Ibrahim tells Mustapha Pasha to send for Arbaic El-Din the sultna to make three boats within seven days.

He stays in his debt of saving his life so he could ask for anything. The old blog post showed how you can find your way through, but it was in arabic, there is no need for this anymore…. Afife says she will do anything.