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We will not publish comments which contain racist remarks or any kind of racial or religious incitement against any group of people, in Egypt or outside it. A common reason my also be lack of memory in your device because streaming needs a lot of cache memory. Quality of a stream is a very complex problem. Egypt faces a very bleak future. This depends on the stream itself – our player supports this in principle. History has shown that Islamic dictatorships are very difficult to remove! We take the information from several sources – all from the free internet.

You Copts loved Mubarak, and then Shafiq. These messages come whenever you go to another network, i. Egypt faces a very bleak future. Yes – in your account page, which you can access from the top of every ulango. So users have to install the app using one of several “side load” methods. Registration is most easily done with a single click on a social login button with your existing Google or Facebook account. Are your streams adapting to available bandwidth?

Therefore we decided to maintain two versions which can coexist on the user’s device. Related Egypt’s Constituent Assembly spokesman criticises articles on press freedoms TV presenter Okasha to face charges of inciting violence against Egypt’s Morsi Egypt authorities silence conservative TV host Okasha, for now Egypt authorities takes Faraeen satellite TV channel off air The United States said on Thursday it was “very concerned” about freedom of the press in Egypt after authorities moved to put on trial two critics of new President Mohamed Morsi.

The big advantage of our database is actuality. Tawfiq Okasha, the host of a talk show critical of Morsi on Al-Faraeen, will go on trial on September 1 and the channel, which he owns, has already been stopped from broadcasting.


Quality of a stream is a very complex problem. To be honest – the huge quality difference of Premium and Premium Plus should be reflected in Users valuations. All these data are very well protected and are only used for improving user experience.

UlangoTV itself only runs on Android Devices. FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions Please use the red feedback button on the left for questions not being answered here. Over 9 million streams have been analysed this way over the last two years. Mohamed, Yes knows the United States. Some streams need a huge time delay to be able to access new blocks with a better probability.

Many problems can not be recognized by algorithms.

Can I change my email? President of Egypt is an elected official, it is not Coptic election of a comedian. You will get an email for verification of the email change. Egypt faces a very bleak future. So a little patience sometimes helps a lot. This traitor needs a noose. Stop it Morsi and Stop it Now.

But because there are so many, coverage is better as one might think. He is still not fully prodecuted. The account will be deactivated saving order history for our reference. Of course the streams run everywhere. However, due to time and staffing constraints such corrections will not be made across the daraeen or on a regular basis.

US ‘concerned’ about media freedom in Egypt – Politics – Egypt – Ahram Online

Network may be a reason for buffering – especially with Full HD wwatch, which need a lot of bandwidth. How do I register? Sometimes email is filtered to a spam folder. Egypt authorities silence conservative TV host Okasha, for now. Why should I use Premium Plus instead of Premium?

Yes yv knows the US and her laws. When quality is not your main objective – this may be your cheapest IPTV solution. If nothing happens, please email support ulango. So please remove applications that you do not need anymore and kill background processes by unplugging your device from waych to time. With Premium Plus we are adding streams from quality IPTV sources, where users get their own lines and do not have to compete with other ussers from the net.


Watch Faraeen TV live stream en direct Fara3in TV مشاهدة قناة فراعين بث حي مباشرt

Our internal Player tries to adjust delays dynamically. What dictatorship, now you are not insulting him, You are insulting all the people that elected him. So users have to install the app using one of several “side load” methods. Now no chance of dictators so you in pnline dreams call the democratically elected president dictator.

For our most faithful customers we have a closed Facebook group.

If you want all informations early and in detail, please ask us to faraeen the group in a short email to support ulango. But in most cases the reason for buffering is the stream itself, which probably is a single user stream and is disconnected by the streamimg server after the first block.

Can you give me an idea how big this thing is? It changes every 10 minutes when new streams arrive or expire. Some HLS streams have this build-in capapility. I registered but I did not watcg a confirmation email?