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You should be able to see the unlock panel below you while standing on the air conditioners. The first tower is located near the first hideout. On arrival, look for a car that’s lined up with a shipping container, but don’t get into it yet. It’s best to start this puzzle on the small pier next to the red tower icon. When you reach the second ctOS Tower, go around the building to the blue lift and take it up. Installing the backdoor will finish your search trek through The Wards.

City Activities minigames and challenges. Begin by heading into the alley south of the red ctOS tower marker. Deactivate the view and after you cross the door, climb up onto the mast. The elevator between buildings. You can see the first switch, unusually, at the pavement, next to the building with the mast, from its Western side. Walk over to the opposite side of the building, now.

Hack the camera and look left to access another camera. Sign up or Sign in now! This tower puzzle is another reminder that if there’s a scissor lift nearby, you’ll most likely need to use it.

ctOS Towers | Maps of smaller activities – Watch Dogs Game Guide |

The view of the second switch. If you’re stumped, it could be because you found walkthhrough carrier too far for a successful roof jump. Go through the gate upon arrival and head to the back to find a camera high up a wall.

Introduction and map Now switch to the camera high up on the building with an open garage door. The walkthrouh ahead will allow you to see the first switch. Go around back to find a camera mounted on one of six connected concrete structures.

Toowers is the ctOS tower closest to The L train tracks and yes, you’ll need to cross the track in order to reach the tower. Climb up two generators to reach another rooftop.


While facing the door, turn right 90 degrees and hack the camera.

The second switch is in front of the gate on the left. It’s a more layered form of infiltration in Watch Dogs. This is located a couple blocks northeast of your hideout.

Ctso several paces to finally reach the first unlock panel. Still, it is possible for you to do that only after you gain access to ctOS servers after the “Open your world” mission to learn about details, see: Use the metal awning to cross to the next building.

Then hack the forklift to reveal another camera.

After you activate it, walk through the building and climb over the gate. Then, hack into the camera on the mast and switch to ctks next one, farther in the building. Install the backdoor and leave. Hack it, then swing the camera around so that two cameras are in view. While facing the water, make a left and continue moving along the side of the building until you reach the ladder.

Ignore the camera at the corner of one of the fences and instead dogd the camera that’s further in the distance. The first tower is located near the first hideout.

Exit the room through the other door, hop the fence to your left, and then use the lift. Climb the air conditioners, get over the fence, and you’ll reach some stairs. This video has an invalid file format. Turn the camera and jump to another camera that’s higher up on the wall. Go back to that panel and hack it.

Sorry, but you can’t access this content! Head into the small parking lot with the barbed wire-enforced wall and climb up using the forklift. One of the switches. Once all that is completed, get onto the blue left and take it up.

When you’re within the fence of this facility, hack into the first available camera. Hack the camera at the center of the building then look slightly up and to the left to hack another camera. While you’re in that view, look straight ahead and hack the lift in the distance. Secondly, you need to enter the car and drive it into the container ahead. Run up the two sets of steps and make a left to climb up another level.


Watch Dogs guide: Where to find all the ctOS Towers

The 10th tower on east side from bay in the center of Brandon Docks. Keep climbing until you reach the catwalk on the right and use another lift as a bridge to reach another part of the building. To access the mast, you still need to walk through the gate and climb onto the ladder. This camera will give you a view of the unlock panel for you to hack. Using two interior cameras will reveal the last unlock panel, giving you access to the tower.

Ranged and close combat Types of enemies Taking damage and the consequences of dying. Main missions – Act IV. Climb up the stairs and the nearby ladder to reach tracks. Then climb up the generator and over the adjacent railing. Look to the right and hack the camera inside the warehouse office. Walk over to a nearby lift and take it up. Use the ladder, then move counter-clockwise through the building until you can’t continue any further.