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Back up on the ridge, the Comanche readies his bow and arrow and fires downward to the unsuspecting Mongol. Both sides then scramble for their cannons. Knowing that one man couldn’t possibly argue with himself, Unless he was some basement dweller no-life that talks to himself on AIM because he cant make friends it gathered two other butt-buddies to craft the show we know today as Deadliest Warrior. While Pancho has a shootout with the other native, the other revolutionary attempts to reload his gun, only to be shot in the neck by Crazy Horse who appears right behind the two Mexicans. Persian probably should have won. Across the street, CIA sees the careless agent exiting his car and leaves the safety of his van. Lorica Hamata , Galea , Scutum. Edit Details Release Date:

The Spartan tries to stab him with his spear, but the Ninja kicks the shield and runs away. He gets up and spins around the Sagaris, piercing the Celt’s arm. I put them about on equal footing with the knight and samurai. Those spears with the metal pommels are pretty nice. Both teams scramble and run off in different directions. The battle starts under a tree at Pancho Villa’s campsite, where 4 Villistas are inspecting their weapons and Pancho slicing and eating a pomegranate with his bolo knife. Have you ever gotten into a locker-room fight with the person next to you, arguing that a samurai could totally rape a spartan?

The two warriors eye each other, waiting for the other to strike. The Khmer Rouge forces dive out of the way as the motorcade speeds ahead uncontrollably and crashes into the side of a house.

Both warriors cross swords until when Vlad thrusts, piercing Sun Tzu eye, as he falls to the ground, we hear offscreen screams of Sun Tzu revealing himself impaled on a cross dead.

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Jesse James sneers as he pulls the triggers on his revolvers, only to find that both of his guns are out of bullets. Shaka falls over and rolls out of the way of Wallace’s targe, which has become stuck in the ground. Escobar struggles to get up, but his wounds are so bad that he cannot. The Viking yells in pain but then gets up and charges at the Samurai with his shield. Both Hussein and his bodyguard are alerted to explosion as they both exit the office to see the commotion.


Meanwhile, the last Russian soldier sets up his Bardiche as a mount for his Pischal, shooting and killing one of the Spaniards who shot the other soldier.

Seeing their chance, the Rangers begin their advance after the Koreans. The downed Ranger is also shot through with the North Korean’s Type The Samurai throws it away and pulls out his Dradliest club.

Deadliest Warrior

ikmortal The Celt raises his Long Sword and points at the other chariot, signaling his charioteer to advance. The Spartan chases and catches up to him, trying to thrust his spear again. The GSG9 also split up, with each team going into different buildings.

Gathering his senses, the Mongol sheaths his Ild and mounts his horse, while the Comanche thrusts his War Lance into the ground and slings his War Hawk on his back. Seeing nothing, he goes back dewdliest sharpening his Ild. The remaining Pirate roars in victory and walks away.

The Gladiator pulls out his immoetal, and the Apache pulls out his war club. In the distance, the Knight comes riding in on his horse.

More Seasons in Series See All. As the Musketeers look at his dead body while passing by, another Ming Warrior jumps out with his Dao sword and kills one of them with a strike to the neck. The RPD guerrilla deadliesst up to fire at the guard, but is shot down by Saddam who emerges from the second-story immoral, firing his Browning pistol.

His victory is short-lived, however, as Hannibal comes up from behind and impales him through the chest with his Falcata. We see outside that five Yakuza members are walking up to the entrance of the building.

Persian Immortal vs. Celt

The Spetsnaz kicks the Green Beret away, giving himself enough time to pull out a spare ballistic knife tucked away in his boot. On June 26, at 1: Eventually, he bounces his body into the air briefly and swings the velt under him. Joan of Arc team: Roosevelt turns around and aims his Krag as the other two prrsian regroup with him, taking aim at the Bedouin. The last conquistador then rides on with his sword drawn.


After wiping the pee and sperm off its hands, it had the most delightful idea ever; to make a show about warior soldiers killing other outdated soldiers. He quickly changes targets to the half-aware patrolling soldier and quickly downs him. Deadliest Warrior returns with an explosive vengeance: Wallace pulls the shield from Shaka’s hands, throws it and his hammer away.

Both he and Pablo Escobar try to make a run for it. The hook Pirate spots him as he charges and tries to fight back with his Grappling Hook.

Meanwhile, the Waffen SS leader kills one of the two remaining Viet Cong members with his Mauser pistol and then makes his way across a small bridge over the river. Khan rides off and soon returns the favor to the Carthaginian with his own Jida Lance, which one of his men hands to him. Outside, 4 armed Khmer Rouge guerrillas run in, hiding behind deadliestt and pillar cover. Two of the Norman soldiers one on the ramparts and one in an arrow slit fire their composite crossbows with both missing.

Warfior Francona [ret] Former U.

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Sensing a fight, Pancho orders his men to arm up as he sheaths his bolo. The real general then jumps down, disarming Vlad from his shield using the Zhua. Shaka readies his Zulu axe and starts jumping around. All written content copyright Mike Monaco,except where attribution to others is explicit or implied.

Before he can do persina, the Korean leader kicks him in the head, knocking him down. The Samurai sheathes his katana and limps off into the distance. He fails to land properly, however, and instead falls to the ground.