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Lexie delivers some medical test results to Daniel saying he and Melanie don’t have M. Hope and Bo accidentally break the plaque of Alice and Tom Horton while in the town square, but find a key thinking it’s a sign. Jack tells Abigail that he just got some incredible news. Madison tells Brady she was worried that he was going to rally at her some more, but was surprised. John has brief flashes of himself with Marlena. Days of our Lives season 47 episode Ep.

Carrie calls Marlena that she never thought she would hurt Austin like this. Maggie feels Madison won’t have time for Brady once she accepts the offer. Brady makes a thoughtful gesture for Madison by recreating the night of the blizzard at Titan. Sami abruptly tells Marlena that she wants her to leave. Melanie opens up to Chad about her concern that her father won’t ever come home. Marlena tells Will that it wasn’t much of a Thanksgiving without John.

Brady angrily tells Madison that she and Ian deserve each other and storms out. Will gives into his emotions, and kisses Neil passionately, that Sonny witnesses.

Days of our Lives season 47 episode 154

Lucas surprises Sami by showing up at her doorstep, and says to let Will be angry at her right now. Brady sees that Madison is his appointment by pretending to be someone. Abigail is confused when she thought Austin would be in the town square.

Marlena tells John that she did whatever she had so he can come home. Kate tells Sami she knew for sometime about what she did, and will make sure her life won’t be worth living anymore. John makes it clear to Stefano that he doesn’t trust and instructs for a new card dealer. Abe puts Bo and Hope in charge of a new task force to help reduce crime in Salem. Kate tells Sami she knows and is going to do the same thing by ruining her. Gabi asks Melanie if she ever thought about hooking up with Chad, cause she notices the way she looks at him.

Austin walks off after telling Carrie he can’t compete with her feelings for Rafe. Carrie overhears Abigail admitting to Austin that they never slept together. Episove gets up and makes a toast in a drunken haze, but Oir doesn’t want him making a fool of himself. Will tells Sonny that out contemplating leaving Salem, and happens to agree he should take and find out who he really is.


Abigail finds Austin and realizes that he slept on the couch in his office and learns he and Carrie had a fight. Victor tells Henderson that no one can know their secret not even Maggie cause it might ruin things between them. Sami shutters when she hears a noise and ends up laying into Marlena about her bringing up John, Will then calls her a hypocrite. Hope finally receives word about Bo’s condition, John says their heading home. Carrie tells Marlena and John there’s been another report on Johnny.

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John tells Gina that the last 10 years she doesn’t remember is cause she was living another life. Carrie epiode Marlena that she never thought she would hurt Austin like this. Will goes to the Brady Pub and runs into Dustin and his friend, and invites him to a party. Gabi tells Melanie that Daniel will come back to Salem.

Sonny tells Will he thinks the kiss happened cause he wanted it too. Kate overhears Daniel talking ouf his test results.

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Marlena asks Will they haven’t talked since Halloween and how Gabi is doing. John tells Marlena that watchh hopes he did the right thing.

Marlena tells John that Carrie and Rafe had help from Stefano in getting him released. Sami wants Marlena to tell her what Will told her.

Melanie tells Chad there’s no way they can be together, but he tries to convince her that they do.

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Carrie tells Rafe she asked him to come over cause what she has to say will affect both their families. Austin offers Abigail the job as his student assistant. John tells Marlena that at the hearing the people that worked for him tore him to shreds literally.


The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Daniel shows Billie some boxing tips and ends up her hurting him. Kate tells Chad and Gabi they’ll be reporting to Billie from now on. Carrie thinks of taking her old job back in Switzerland, but Rafe doesn’t want their partnership to end. Roman overhears Bo and realizes that he’s not assigned to the Moroni stakeout, and thinks going rogue if a bad move. John is delighted when Brady comes to see him, even though they’ve barely spoken when he went to Switzerland.

Jack tells Abigail that he submitted her article in a journalism contest and she’s surprised that she won. Jack tells Abigail who the guy is that led her on cause he’s going to answer to him. Bo gets everything out in the open about him being responsible for Zack’s death. Ian triesto persuade Kate to get revenge on Stefano with his help. Sami is suddenly in a bind when Betsy brings her the kids, Kate says that she would love to help.

Will tells Marlena that he’s not going to forgive his mother for betraying her family once again. Billie tells Kate she’s well aware that Madison set up shop here in Salem.

Days of our Lives Season 47 –

Billie shows Agent Spencer photos of invoices showing a weapons deal and that E. Jennifer lashes at Nicole and decides how at retaliate after she episore costs Abe the election. Will walks in interrupting Marlena and Sami and says Marlena knows about E.

Hope and John manage to get into the file cabinet and then the lights to the room come on.